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  1. ANOTHER!?!?

    So I'm walking through the last route before Victory Road, training Pewlia (the shiny Clawitzer.) I encounter a Scyther, and I think, "Okay, cool, I don't have one yet, maybe I'll try and catc-" and it sparkles. That's right, a shiny freaking Scyther. I have Pewlia Crabhammer it a couple of times before she goes down to and X-scissor, so I go out to my Avalugg and just chuck balls at it while it's still in the yellow. Eventually I manage to get it in a Timer Ball, and I named it Reapio. ...

    Updated 20th January 2014 at 07:16 PM by Helioptile

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    I've been chain fishing the whole afternoon, and I finnaly got it:

    A shiny Clauncher. In a primier ball. Not only that, I got her with a crit catch. I love ths game lol
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  3. My DS was stolen.

    So, yesterday, I get to my seat on the bus and sit down. I open my backpack to get my DS so I can play it during the ride home. Aaaand it's not there. "Crap, I left it home," I thought. So when I get home, I can't find it anywhere and discover that my headphones are missing as well. Then it hits me: They got stolen during PE. I know I had my headphones the period before because I need them for Piano. Gah, why didn't I just buy a lock. I even had my Black 2 in there. Goodbye rank 26 Join ...

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  4. Teh Nintendo Direct

    -I just GANONt figure out what the SLW DLC is...

    -Look, they're giving out Celebi! One less legendary they'll have to hack before transferring over!

    -My body was not Reggie for ready.


    -Bravely Default: Crap, my healer died... Sleepy time, 3DS!

    -i need a wii u

    -Yeah! A Zelda spinoff that doesn't suck!!!

    -Sakurai, stahp putting Smash in Kirby. Pls. ...
  5. Here's a little story.

    So, Friend 1 and Friend 2 were battling (XY, of course). Friend 1 sends out his last 'mon, a Nidoking (it was just a fun little battle, not an over competitive Smogon match with Shofu-ian Tactics). I see Friend 2's Lucario is going for Dig (again, not serious) so, being the little trickster I am, whisper to Friend 1, "Use Earthquake!" He replies, "My Nidoking doesn't have Earthquake."


    Helio uses Force Palm!

    Updated 21st January 2014 at 11:58 PM by Helioptile

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