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  1. Why Pokemon The Series: XY Will Suck ***WARNING: DIFFERENT OPINION***

    I wanted to title this "Why I think...Will Suck", but the current title sounded better and was shorter. Just to reiterate my warning, if you think you'll be offended by what I have to say, DO NOT READ.

    I'm sure everyone's seen this scan by now.
    Attachment 89939

    Even though I haven't even watched the anime, the scan speaks for itself, really.

    #1: The Group

    The XY group consists of Ash (of course), Yvonne (hate the name ...

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  2. moneylesswario's First Pokemon Showdown Battle

  3. My few gripes with the first five seasons.

    Believe it or not, even I have my own personal problems with the original series! Yeah, many of them are trivial, but they're still gripes. Here they are:


    -Samurai, AJ, Giselle, etc. said they'd show up at the league, but didn't (I don't know if this is a dub thing).

    -Certain aspects(like using a button on the Pokedex to switch Pokemon) were never seen again (though I'm not sure this is a problem with Kanto as much as a problem with other ...
  4. It's Confession Time!!! (regarding Pokemon.)

    You see my previous blog? Its a load of crock...so are most of my posts...THIS is what I think:

    -I dislike generations 1 and 2 of the games, both spinoffs and main games. PBR for life!!

    -I support character replacing, that way, the ones I hate can go away, and the ones I like can be missed..

    -I dislike Electrode and Furret, Conkelderr is the best.

    -I secretly like May (and Max). I know I've said many times that Max was a lamer version of ...

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  5. Why The First 5 Seasons Are The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was! - Tentative Title

    Welcome to ★stickerstaryoshi's☆ first ever blog entry! I've decided to do this after being inspired by certain blogs, but I digress. (Huh, this seemed so much easier before I actually started writing.)

    Why The First Five Seasons of Pokemon Are The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was! (Part 1?) - Tentative Title


    Inspired by: pokemon fan 132

    We all know how the anime has changed since 2002, and not necessarily for the better, either. I'll explain ...

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