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PRNG-abuse and messing with Black

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Until this point I decided not to talk anymore of PRNG-abuse because many people think of it as just another way of hacking, which is a plain wrong assumption because you don't even need to know your Secret ID No. to be able to use the programs that revolve around it to enjoy the experience.

As a breeder, sometimes I got sick of breed continuosly over weeks without getting the desired results, and I'm not that purist or strict when it comes to 'flawless' Pokémon unless it's a defensive one or a Hidden Power project, so that's where PRNG-abuse comes into help.

Lately, I have been playing BW (not as much as I would like) and kept toying around with my Platinum and HGSS, EV training Pokémon for some future teams. For example, I got finished two more Pokémon last weekend:

As you can view, both legendary beasts are from the Movie 13th-related promotion, with the OT クラウン and PRNG-abused by a Japanese friend of mine, which received them directly from the promotion. I think they were also likely cloned unless my friend didn't download the Wonder Cards for him (he traded me the three beasts) or bought in prevent more than three tickets to see the movie, 'cause you only had a chance to get one Wonder Card per ticket.

Nevertheless, I was happy enough to get all of them because my HeartGold file doesn't get many useful shiny correlations, though I would have preferred that Raikou was Timid or Naive. Shiny Entei is flawless (I gave him the EV spread 6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed) and Suicune got 31-30-30-31-31-2 (Hidden Power Electric), which I guess was made to further make use of the Relaxed nature on a Trick Room team.

I trained Suicune in HP and Defense but I haven't decided which moveset it will have: currently it sports BubbleBeam/Hidden Power/Air Slash/Calm Mind but I'm thinking of replacing some moves. What could be useful for a Relaxed Suicune?

In HeartGold, I managed to complete Celebi's training:

Celebi has IVs of 31-22-31-30-31-30 (Hidden Power Fire) and I'll keep Leaf Storm, Recover and Nasty Plot on it until I found a better strategy or a free slot on some team.

On the other hand, I haven't decided what to do with these Pokémon:

Eevee has Hidden Power Electric and IVs of 31-27-31-30-31-31, while that my little and zappy (which you can easily confuse with 'sappy'), cotton candy lamb has Hidden Power Ice and the spread 31-27-31-31-31-2. They were abused because I didn't find anything else of interest when I was searching for a good (and of few flips) PV for a Timid male Pokémon with an ability class of 1. I was thinking of adding the ewe to my current Trick Room team, but with Eevee I'm not sure of how I should train it. Any ideas?

Finally, in Black I have made some progress to bring my Sazandra up to Level 100:

I guess that winning against both Cheren and Morimoto everyday makes up for the lack of Vs. Seeker, though it's a shame that Sazandra can't be gotten before or exactly at level 50. He knows Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse and Fire Blast, which have proven to make a good combination at least in Random Match and the Battle Subway.

Besides, I have been breeding Tesshiido:

If you don't know the Japanese names of moves, I can tell you that it has Bullet Seed/Seed Bomb/Stealth Rock/Leech Seed. I want a Sassy with a IV spread of 31/20+/31/xx/31/xx, but as of now I haven't had any luck, with the only good Tesshiido having 31 in the three defensive stats but of a Bold nature >_>.

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Updated 27th October 2010 at 02:53 PM by RudolphMilotic

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  1. F-22's Avatar
    Those are some really cool acquisitions! Don't listen to what the haters think about RNG abuse, most of the people who think it's hacking don't know about it lol. I really suck at finding good spreads for Hidden Powers....

    As for Eevee, just make it a standard Vaporeon. Surf / HP Electric / Wish / Baton Pass. That's the easiest way to do it.

    That Tesshiido also sounds pretty good for a preliminary one. I would personally prefer Impish though. It's slow enough and no one uses Gyro Ball.
    Updated 27th October 2010 at 03:08 PM by F-22
  2. RudolphMilotic's Avatar
    Thanks; I think I will go with the suggestion you made about Eevee, even if it ends on a 2-on-2 strategy with maybe one change. But first, I'll clone it via DP GTS glitch so if anything goes wrong, I'll have a chance to train it again later ^_^.

    Mmm, I was thinking of either Careful (Nattorei has less Sp. Defense than Defense and non-Fighting-type physical sweepers struggle to defeat it anyway) or Impish (more physical bulk, which means more chances to successfully use Leech Seed or Stealth Rock) because I have gotten some Tesshiido of those natures, but at the same time I don't think it really matters if the nature hinders Sp. Attack or Speed as with a difference of 7 points in Speed (4 at level 50 for Random Match) you aren't going to outspeed anything.


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