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Mr. Popo

E.J.o.D. (Epic Jumpluff of Death)

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by , 24th January 2013 at 11:49 PM (261 Views)
Please note that this strategy is for Pokemon Colosseum. What you want to do is make sure Entei has both sunny day and fire blast. It starts with both of these, so that's convenient. Next, the reason you keep sunny day is because Entei benefits both offensively and defensively from sunny day. (sunny weather weakens water moves, and strengthens fire moves.) Entei, however, is weak to ground, rock, and water, but Jumpluff, on the other hand, is strong against all three of these. Not only that but, while losing its resistance to rock, Jumpluff becomes completely immune to ground, which is a very common type in Colosseum. here's where the real strategy comes in. Teach Jumpluff solar beam. (Entei can learn it, but it doesn't get STAB for it.) As you are no-doubt aware, in sunny weather, solar beam no longer has to charge, and that, combined with Jumpluff in sunny weather being the fastest pokemon in the main story, (thank you, chlorophyll!) it will out speed ANYTHING in it's way that would normally be a threat to Entei, and it will usually KO in just one shot. Anything that survives, you can just finish it off the next turn with another instant solar beam. The moral of all this? NO-ONE MESSES WITH JUMPLUFF!
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