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zeXal Character 'Review' #6 and #7!

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Yep, you're still getting one today. And after popping out 9, the RNG popped out 10.

#10 on my list is

And since there's only one other Barian on my list, I'm going to make this a double 'review' and do him too.

We'll start with Durbe.

Durbe: ...What on Earth?! Those babies you're holding look like Vector and 96!

They are Vector and 96. 96 found a ray gun that turns people into babies and fired it at Vector and Shark. My friend Chris found a way to reverse the effect, but we only turned Shark back to normal. I thought this was a golden opportunity to reform Vector, and I personally zapped 96 into a baby so he wouldn't be able to harm us either.

Durbe: Interesting thought...

Anyway, where do I begin? Next to Nasch(if you know who he is, you'll get this in a second flat), you're easily my favorite Barian emperor. I have to say it, your human form is adorable and your Barian form is by far my favorite out of the five emperors with Barian forms.

Durbe: Oh, stop flattering me before I blush.

Your legend was so sad too. I was nearly crying by the end.

-This next little part is getting spoilered because it actually is show canon and spoilers-

As did mine when I first read that.

Mizael: *had been listening the whole time* I can't believe it... That makes perfect sense...

Durbe: By that logic, how do you explain Vector? He committed suicide. That's not having the desire to keep living.

....! I just realized something... *sets Vector on the ground and fires Chris's antidote gun, borrowed from him, at Vector*

Vector: *returns to normal* ...Wtf just happened?

Durbe: Why did you return Vector to normal?

Here is where I'll get into my 'review' on Vector. I actually like Vector, but for the longest time I had no idea why I liked him. Now I think I know why. Vector's plans are consistently foiled by Yuma and the gang, but Vector just keeps coming back with more plans. Just like Yuma, Vector never gives up. In a sense, he has his own 'never give up' personality. While Vector's plans may not be the best for everyone else, I'm sure he thinks they're for the best for himself. Plus
Vector risks his life in order to achieve his goals. In his own twisted way, he really does hold onto hopes. And I turned him back to normal so he would be able to hear all that and understand it.

Vector: ...... I... That just... I don't believe it, but you're right...

That is all for this 'review'. Until next time!

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Yay :D !! It's true, Durbey is sweet and adorable :3 !! I know, those freaking writers had it all planned out from the get-go. The foreshadowing and mysteries were the main things that got me into ZeXal in the first place. Yeah, I do think of Yuma and Vector(/Donny/#96) as foils for each other- positive chaos v. negative chaos.
  2. Durbe's Avatar
    Durbe is super awesome. I would like to be a knight like he was

    Then my mind imploded from the whole Kazuma spoiling Astral and Barian world thing indirectly.


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