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Well, today was awesome!

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You know, there's a positive side to that near-eye injury of mine. It gave me an excuse to go home from college and be with my family. Man did I miss them. Today we went out and I got two new pairs of sneakers(which I needed), more socks, and some new pairs of underwear(my GOD, did I need some new undies!). None of that would have happened today if not for my getting this injury.

I have the perfect quote to sum this up, straight from my favorite character of one of my favorite animes.

"Good things lead to bad things leading to more good things, and that's just life." ~Crow Hogan, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's dub

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  1. Lugion's Avatar
    I went home this weekend too. But my eyes are fine. :P

    It is really nice to go home every now and then.
  2. Pain Split's Avatar
    (my GOD, did I need some new undies!)
    I don't know how to respond to this...


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