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Well, that escaled quickly...

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Since today is the first day of Autumn, I was going about my usual start of season rounds such as looking at the aesthetics and listening to variations in route themes.

When I was in Driftveil City, I felt the urge to challenge the Champions Tournament just to hear some music and be on my way.

I ended up winning. I picked Weavile, Metagross and Mienshao. In the first round, I faced Red. He sent out Blastoise. It OHKOed my Mienshao with focus blast. I managed to defeat it with Metagross. He then sent out Charizard. I said to myself "I'm fucked" and it KOed my Metagross with Fire Blast. I then sent out Weavile and used Ice Punch, which was a critical hit and killed Charizard. I used Ice Punch on his Pikachu and was on my way.

In the second round, I faced Lance. I was pissed because I had to hear the same theme twice. He led with Dragonite, which I answered with an Ice Punch. It had a focus sash and used Fire Blast, but my Weavile survived with its focus sash. Dragonite used extremespeed and killed Weavile. He sent out Hydreigon, and I sent out Mienshao. Hi Jump Kick sent it to its grave. Then there was Haxorus. Hi jump kicked its life to red, but it KOed my Mienshao. One Bullet Punch from Metagross ended this round.

In the Final Round, I fought my personal favorite Champion Alder. He led with Volcarona. I made Weavile use Swords Dance. Vocarona used Heat Wave but Weavile held on and used Night Slash to kill it. He then sent out Braviary, which was felled with super powered Ice Punch. He then sent out Krookodile which was also easily felled with Ice Punch.

And just like that, I beat the Champions tournament. My trainer card is now silver, since I beat the league and finished the Pokestar studios.

Time to laser focus on the National Pokedex.

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  1. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    Accidental winning! You are awesome!
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Impressive. :)


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