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Screw Pokemon Bank

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So I go to Pokemon Bank to collect a Pokemon to trade. I had been letting my BP build up and was currently at 85 BP. Since I was in a rush I accidentally selected to take 851 Pokemiles which are useless piles of dog feces. I then cried because this was 6 months of BP just gone in less than a second. Like why wasn't there a "Are you sure want to take 851 Pokemiles" prompt? I swear to God Gamefreak.

I had so many plans for that BP. Luckily, @Neosquid; being the Good Samaritan he is got me an Assault Vest. Not even that kind action or A fancy pattered Vivillon can heal the true pain of losing 85 BP.

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Updated 7th July 2014 at 10:30 PM by Jolene



  1. BlackButterfree's Avatar
    To be fair, you can use Pokémiles to win stones on the GL website.
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Man, and I thought I had it made when I let mine build up to 29 BP... Took me a week of not touching my Bank account to get them.

    Still, that does suck though. =/
  3. Jolene's Avatar
    I don't need stones. I needed TMs and other assorted items.
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I should use Poke Bank more often I could use some more BP.
  5. Dan's Avatar
    yo, language :(
  6. Karamazov's Avatar
    ^ He's right. We're classy on the blogs, so please use proper, more sophisticated language. Instead of saying "Fuck Pokemon Bank, try "Copulate/Pleasure Pokemon Bank."
  7. Neosquid's Avatar
    I'll buy you more if you want I need an excuse to play Maison more


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