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Pokemon Pacifism

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I became I Pokemon Pacifist about 2 years ago. Before I continue, a Pokemon Pacifist is someone who refrains from all forms of competitive battling. Only in game battles.

I made this decision after a particularly scarring battle between my Mienshao and my friend's Braviary. I used Stone Edge and since Mienshao was faster, and Braviary's life was yellow. But then, quick claw kicked in and Braviary used Brave Bird.

Since then I have never fought another competitive battle. It pisses my friends off when I show off my EV trained Pokemon and they are desperate to fight them but can't. After I have amassed an army of killers I shall exact my revenge.

Until then, no competitive battling. Plus collecting was always more fun than battling to me anyways.

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    Battle me. :I
  2. Jolene's Avatar
    @Arc; No. I'm a pacifist.
  3. Bill Cipher's Avatar
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    So you're not so much of a pacifist as you are a person with a grudge.
  5. Sunburn's Avatar
    I don't think many pacifists have armies of killing machines :P
  6. SharKing's Avatar
    If the opponent had a Quick Claw, the battle doesn't seem to have been competitive. XD
  7. John Understands's Avatar
    That's more of a grudge against someone with a Quick Claw, not becoming a pacifist because someone had a Quick Claw.
  8. LadyScathach's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SharKing
    If the opponent had a Quick Claw, the battle doesn't seem to have been competitive. XD
    This. Most players who play competitively don't use any hax items. And when I say most, I mean everyone who knows what they are doing.


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