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New Animal Crossing Mechanics

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by , 6th September 2013 at 08:18 PM (2650 Views)
Today, for the third day in a row, it has been raining in Firenze. As I sat in the Roost drinking my daily cup of coffee, I wondered why, after three days of continuous rain, my town has not flooded. I began thinking of the implications if the town actually flooded. An idea then popped into my head.

NATURAL DISASTERS- These could occur at any time and lead to a plethora of new features to enhance your Animal Crossing experience. Let's deal with each in turn.

These can occur at any moment and can range from slight tremor to mass destruction. If it is strong enough, it will destroy your and your villager's houses. You will then have to use bells to fix your house and help your fellow villagers repair theirs.

Between June and November, a hurricane may make landfall directly on your town, destroying most structures. Unlike earthquakes, you will be alerted to it's arrival and Timmy and Tommy's Mart will begin selling hurricane preparation supplies like boards to put over your windows. Hurricanes uproot your trees and destroy your flowers.

These will leave a train of destruction where the land in your town.

After rain for more than 2 days, the river will burst its banks. This will cause you hell because the ground floor of your house will be inundated, rendering all furniture displayed at the time unusable. Flooding can be reduced by planting many trees, but it causes grass decay.

Might happen after Earthquakes. Do these really need an explanation.

As a side effect of natural disasters, how does one protect oneself and belongings from unforeseen disasters? Insurance of course. And who better to manage insurance than the master of Capitalism Mr. Tom Nook?

Every month you pay Tom Nook 300,000 bells for home insurance that covers Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Hurricanes. It does not cover floods, however. The insurance is due the 1st Friday of every month. If you are late, 10,000 is added to your total every Friday after the due date. If a natural disaster strikes, the insurance covers the damages, so you don't have to pay out of pocket.

Flood insurance is obtained from a traveling salesman. If your town floods before you can meet him, then too fucking bad.

You also pay 100,000 a month for heath insurance because of the chance you might get injured during a natural disaster.

Another obvious side effect of Natural disasters is death. So villager death is a new mechanic. Villagers can perish if they are inside of their houses in a natural disaster and their houses are destroyed. When a villager is killed, their relatives will arrive and ask to help raise money for the funeral. A ceremony is held in the central plaza and the villager is buried in town, where their grave remains for the rest of the game. Duplicates of that villager cannot reappear in your town ever.

What do you guys think of these additions? I think they would make the game more interesting.

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  1. Akromatic's Avatar
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    Great, but if your villager died, that means that the game would be over. Make everyone immortal, and you've got yourself a deal. Furniture could also become "Wrecked" and you could sell the now-unusable furniture to a company that reuses the items to create new ones. Then, the birth of a new question occurs: how did the company create a high-tech computer out of a broken fishbowl?
  2. jasonwolf's Avatar
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    ... you realize the main audience is 6-8 year olds. Go ahead and wreck a little kids favorite too and see how they like it.

    Also this is just shit that you shouldn't deal with in a laid back casual game. This is animal crossing now CIV 5.
  3. Xita's Avatar
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    Those are interesting ideas, but they all seem like they'd be pretty annoying in practice.
  4. Rainbow's Avatar
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    Reminds me of Harvest Moon a bit. Blizzards in the winter, tornadoes in the summer. You can't go outside all day though and it ruins your crops :<

    Though I guess the major difference here is that Harvest Moon isn't real time and AC is.
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    While we're at it, let's add custody battles and alimony payments to Harvest Moon!


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