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A modern Romeo and Juliet

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Miiverse is Nintendo's social gaming community. It is a generally dry place full of nothing but wannabe artists and n00bs. The only real use I have for it is getting figurines in The Wind Waker HD. However, this empty wasteland recently got a lot more interesting since it is used by 13-14 year olds to flirt and by extension pedophiles and other predators. Knowing Nintendo, it might suffer the same fate as Swapnote.

For your enjoyment, I present Allan and Nicole: A Miiverse Romantic Drama.

If you're feeling down, I hope this gives you as much as a laugh as it gave me.

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Updated 8th January 2014 at 09:44 PM by Jolene



  1. Xita's Avatar
    I was laughing the whole way through but the ending was pretty sad ;__;
  2. Mokoniki's Avatar
    Dear Lord. My sister's name is Nicole. This only served to make things awkward for me. But I know it's not her because she tried to make a Miiverse thing on Christmas when the eShop died and you couldn't make one. And she has since forgotten it exists~
  3. Life's Avatar
    I tried to drink while watching this.......

    Bad move...
  4. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    leik if u cry evrytim
  5. Italy-kun's Avatar




    what even
  6. Prez's Avatar
    This is the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen.
  7. CherrimPrincess's Avatar
    Nice and all, but thanks for calling all Miiversers noobs and want a be people. Have you even given it more than a glimpse? I'm a Miiverser, and I have decent art, but I don't post because I want to be an artist. Mii and many other people post because we love to draw, and really love the things we draw about. There are also many people who are just amazing. Some people may say something noobish, but not on purpose or are just kidding around. I'm not saying there aren't noobs, or want to be people, but it's rude and insulting to just assume everybody on Miiverse is like that.
  8. Eleven's Avatar
    That was so adorable. My heart just fell out of my chest.
  9. Bolt the Cat's Avatar


    If my faith in humanity wasn't already shattered to pieces, this would've done it.
  10. Gafigglethorp's Avatar
    The voice acting XD
  11. Codface's Avatar
    The voices grated on me. Could not be bothered to finish it. Assume it all goes wrong or summit.
  12. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I watched for the voice acting XDD It was pretty hilarious
  13. Mijzelffan's Avatar

    "no one likes me except for my friends but that's different"

    "oh right u got banned I forgot"

    best quotes. I feel bad for the poor girl though, constantly harassed by this creepy boy and then getting banned because of him as well.


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