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The interesting discoveries of studying.

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It has been said that when studying, even staring at wall becomes interesting. That is very true. Today, whilst I was attempting to study, I checked Facebook, and a Canadian friend of mine posted a picture of Canadian money to help "Introduce us Americans to the awesomeness up north". So I suddenly remembered I had some real Canadian money in my collection. So, I ditched studying and started searching for my money collection.

I found all my coins and realized they were in no particular order, so I took valuable studying time to meticulously reorganize them, by continent in descending order starting with Europe and ending in South America. During all this, I found my new most valued possession.

I find this coin particularly historic for many reasons. Firstly, it has King George V's likeness on it. It is very hard to find coins without Queen Elizabeth's visage because she's been ruling for so long. This also leads me to believe that Prince Charles' face would be on money after the Queen dies. Secondly, this coin is 102 years old, possibly the oldest in my collection, although I believe my buffalo nickel may be older. William H. Taft was President when this coin was minted. This was minted before World War I. Before the Russian Empire fell! This coin makes me feel like a baby considering it was 81 when I was born.

Boring blog over analyzing a coin is indeed boring, but 10x more interesting than studying.

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Canadian mon-'eh.
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Over-analyzing is fun. Who needs studying anyway?
  3. Berrenta's Avatar
    Very interesting find. Be sure to keep it safe!


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