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  1. Thanks Europe

    Thanks to your gambling laws, You've ruined Game Corners for everyone. Now you caused something even more dire.

    In Join Avenue, you can open a raffle, but this raffle makes no sense. You just go there once a day and get a random prize. FOR FREE!
    How does a business like this thrive? It's making absolutely no money. How do they buy stock? Last time I checked, you have to buy your ticket, then have the chance to win or not.

    I would be so furious with you guys ...
  2. I need to get my priorities straight

    Today, after I defeated Benga at the bottom of the Treehollow, I decided to go fill up my Unova Dex. As I went around hatching eggs and leveling up Pokemon, I noticed a lot Pokemon from around Route 4 were missing.

    When I looked in Pokedex, I realized that I had never caught Scraggy, Sigylyph, Sandshrew, Maractus, Yamask or weirdly enough, Patrat. Yes, Patrat.

    I've beaten the League multiple times, finished Pokestar Studios and even caught the Shiny Haxorus, yet these ...
  3. Music

    I was always under the impression that I sucked at playing the piano. I'm so uncoordinated, it's a challenge to play both hands at the same time, so i had the biggest surprise today.

    I went to music class. When the teacher said it was time to play the piano, I realized that I had forgotten the book i was playing from in my sister's bag. My teacher said we could waste no time, so I took out my old book which I had finished in 2010 or 2011. The teacher wondered if I would remember the ...
  4. This is so sad

    My friend's uncle died of a heart attack today. I feel bad for my friend and everything, but the main reason I am sad is this.

    He was the host of an awesome local daytime radio show every weekday from 11am to 2pm. He's been on since I was a little girl.

    Now those 3 hours are gonna suck so much ass. It's like how Piers Morgan replaced Larry King. It sucks now. Why must the good die young?
  5. An interesting experience

    Yesterday, my Biology class went on field trip to an uninhabited offshore island.

    Nobody really came to do any work though, because we were done working within 20 minutes. So after that, there were a group of 18 - 20 years olds let loose on an uninhabited island. What could go wrong?

    Well, one of my friends got tipsy on a concoction called "diesel". It looks like normal fruit punch, but it definitely isn't. He drank about 3 cups of that stuff.
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