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This is incredibly distressing

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by , 18th May 2013 at 09:13 PM (2668 Views)
When I am away from my computer, I always think of ideas for blogs, but as soon as i get behind my laptop to type, I forget about all the stuff I planned. So that is all. I wanted to try randomly rambling, but my brain is fried. I mean Random rambling can only be executed successfully if one has a clear mind. Speaking of minds, do you notice how our brains act pretty stupid despite being the control center? If a limb is severed, despite your brain interpreting what you see that there is no limb there, you still feel it, like seriously. What the hell brain! How does the brain even process things like feelings and emotions? It is so mysterious. How can we really find out more about the brain if it controls everything? Does the brain intentionally prevent us from finding out more? And people claim to feel love and other things with their hearts, but anyone who has studied biology knows that the heart is just a mass of cardiac muscle that pumps blood around the body. I believe this misconception arose from the Ancient Egyptians, who believed people thought with their hearts. When people tell me about my heart, I just say the part of my brain that controls such feelings and emotions. I am a religious person, and whenever I do things i know is wrong, my chest always feels weird, like maybe the heart does play a role. Many people believe that science and religion are incompatible. That is a fallacy. To me, I just don't think think about how the world started, because there is no way us humans will ever know, so its best just to move forward. Unless we invent a time machine, but time might just be an invention of man for the sake of convenience. Like if you were to wake up on a deserted island, with no clocks or anything, you will never know the date. You will be able to guess the time, based on the sun, but that's about it. So time travel is impossible, because it you reverse the earth's rotation, the sun will simply rise in the west and set in the east. Everything in the past has already happened, and nothing in the future has happened yet. This is why psychics are the greatest con artists. Tricking poor suckers out of their money and those bastards know the future is unforeseeable. Well, I guess I was approaching rambling the wrong way. Turns out you just need to let your thoughts flow. I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into my twisted mind.
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    Keep a small notepad in your pocket or bag. You get a great idea, write that shit down! :D
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