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by , 16th March 2013 at 07:44 PM (154 Views)
After beating, The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, something very irritating happened. After expending all that energy on 2 incredibly annoying final boss fights, I sat back and watched the credits roll. After the game went back to the title screen, I went into my file and realized that I was exactly at the place I was before I beat Malladus, like nothing ever happened. No record that I ever beat it.

Well, that's 45 minutes of my life wasted. This is why I like Pokemon games so much. There is so much content after the main story to keep you occupied for a good while. Finish the Pokedex, EV train, competitive battling, a wide assortment of activities like Pokestar Studios or Contests. Something for everyone.

Now, in Zelda games, after you complete the main game, that's it. You're done. The game saves just before you beat the final boss and just sticks. You only see the aftermath of your actions in the credits. So why bother collect all the heart pieces or treasures if you already beat the final boss? So you basically end up parking that Zelda game in your library until you feel like playing it again sometime in the future.

Super Mario Games do things like put collectibles in levels so you have incentive to do them over. Kingdom Hearts always sticks in a secret super hard boss somewhere, so stick around trying to get strong keyblades and grinding to beat that motherfucker, but Zelda just ends there. As much as I love the series, they need to improve the fucking endings.

It's so fucking anticlimactic to beat a boss with a grand ending and you have nothing to show for it. They need to let you play in Hyrule after the evil has been purged. Characters can give you missions to get weapon upgrades and stuff like that. Abrupt endings just make collecting stuff seem useless.

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
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    Oh yeah, I know how that feels. Ocarina of Time 3D really ticked me off.
  2. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
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    It can be striking going into all this.... Although windwaker at least gave that recognition in the form of a second quest.
  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    You could be like me and never beat a Zelda game. :I


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