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Sneazy Sneasel

Im so loved here

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by , 4th October 2013 at 06:06 PM (339 Views)
NOT! My posts are getting shot down left and right and it's starting to piss me off.

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
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    If it's happening constantly, maybe you should take a second to mentally self-edit before posting :S
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  2. Ange's Avatar
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    I don't know, maybe you should think before posting arguments like "No, now the metagame will be dominated by scrubs using Charizard" when Stealth Rock was said to have been nerfed, or "good, now Charizard goes back to the shit tier where it belongs" when it turned out the SR nerf rumor was false.

    There's nothing wrong with disliking Charizard, but things like that makes you come off as, well, rather ignorant and childish. Why must the metagame be "dominated by scrubs" if Charizard turned out to be viable for OU? And why does it belong in the "shit tier"? Why should it matter what Pokemon are competitively viable or not in the first place? Arguments like that holds no water at all, and only look ridiculous.
  3. Please Understand's Avatar
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    Maybe when you post, before posting, try to think "Hmm, will the members like this post, or dislike it?", before showing it to the internet.
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  4. Reila's Avatar
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    Maybe that is because most of your posts sound like trolling. Well, at least to me they do.
  5. Hoopa's Avatar
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    Just ignore the haters


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