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Sneazy Sneasel

Does Delphox have feet?

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I asked this question back in the rumors thread but like so many of my posts, everybody seems to ignore it, so i'll ask it here where everyone can see.

Does Fennekin's final form Delphox have feet, i can't tell from any of the leaking images and are they clawed?

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  1. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Yes, Delphox has black legs and feet. The fur "robe" covers them, but from a lower angle, you can see long black legs and paw-like feet. You can also just barely see its feet from other angles, but it's much harder to notice them. I'm not too sure if they're clawed, and if so, the nails are very small (Delphox's feet are fairly small to begin with, so it's hard to tell). But that's the rundown, hope that helps.
  2. Nyx's Avatar
    Yes, it does, they're not that hard to see...


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