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My Five Cents - House

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Welcome once again, I regret to inform you that due to budget cuts that comfortable chair you sat in last time has been replaced a rather worn out beanbag I scavenged from a pediatric unit. Can I get you a drink? It was a scotch last time, wasn't it? Well, I suppose I ought to begin.

My Five Cents is something I'll be doing every now and again when I feel like it and when I feel like I have an opinion on something. My opinion is not guaranteed to be something new nor valued but like I established in my first/previous blog, I don't care. I'll also blog about other general things that happen to me and I do intend to do one about Pokemon but for now, I have a subject I am very eager to discuss, and by discuss I mean rant at you.

A while ago, I decided to watch more TV. Unfortunately, I live in Britain so the only good shows here are comedy. No offense but American comedy isn't my thing, by which I mean it's a pile of shit. However, somehow American dramas manage to have better quality comedy than the purposeful comedy shows. Since I'm going on a tangent, I'll reel myself back in by saying that I decided I'd watch Dexter and House because I'm a big fan of Hugh Laurie and I'd heard nothing but glowing reviews for Dexter. By the time I'd chosen to watch these shows, Dexter was halfway through Season 6 and House had already ended its eight year run. To my good fortune, American dramas have a hiatus halfway through a season for no particular reason I can fathom so I was easily able to catch up with Dexter and am currently waiting for Season 8 to begin. But this blog is not about Dexter, this blog is about House.

House is my favourite show. It's that simple; I cannot recall watching a better programme. And here is why.

Needless to say, spoilers will be discussed beyond this point but since the show has already reached the end of its typical lifespan, I imagine the majority of you Americans have already watched it.

When I first began watching House, my favourite part of it was Hugh Laurie. I had heard that he got the part because of his stubble and because his accent was so good the producer and director didn't originally know he was British and I personally agreed. The story lines were interesting and the medical jargon wasn't too heavy that I didn't understand. The characters, especially House and Wilson, bounced off each other perfectly and they are the best characters in the programme. By the end of the first season, I was a fan and "Three Stories" was one of my favourite episodes of all the series'. It explained how House became the person he is today and manipulated the reality of the show for the first time, as it does several times after because of how popular that episode was.

Every series has its good episodes and its mundane ones but the series finales are always exciting, explosive and extravagant. My favourite season has to be Season 4. It brought the start of a new era and a new team for House; each candidate bringing their own character development over the several episodes it lasted for. I could tell Amber would be a recurring character in the show because of the large impression she gave but I agreed wholly with House's team, Remy Hadley (Thirteen) being my favourite character aside from House and Wilson because of the sheer amount of story lines they piled on with her. It may also be because she's hot. The two part finale showed me the full potential of the House character and the wealth of what was to inevitably come.

Wilson's cancer was a topic I had seen coming. It was the only thing I had known about House before watching it but I had half forgotten it and was sure that it was House that got cancer rather than Wilson. This was further proved when House got three mini tumors in his leg but alas, it was indeed Wilson that was given five months to live. I had the most fun watching the last five episodes of the Season 8 and I was on the edge of my seat for Wilson's extreme chemotherapy session and for most of the final episode. I must admit, being a fan of Sherlock Holmes and knowing House was based on Holmes I knew the series would end one of two ways; either by faking his own death, similar to "The Final Problem" or by retiring from his profession, just like in "The Last Bow", the answer being the former. "Everybody Dies" would have been better, in my opinion, if it were more reality bending, like in "Three Stories" but it wasn't. I was slightly disappointed by the abruptness of House's overall death due to me being convinced it was another hallucination and not taking it entirely seriously. Despite all this though, it was well done and deserving of the final finale of House.

In conclusion, House is how dramas should be done - with a touch of comedy. Its characters and the relationships portrayed between them require split second timing and they deliver precisely as requested. House and Wilson have one of the most original relationships ever and every conversation between them makes me laugh, cry or something with an equally intense reaction. Every character has a unique way of working around or with House and are all tailored to his personality in some way or another. Every season brought something new and took the audience on a journey through House's mind, showing his addiction in every way possible. And as for the ending, I couldn't have ended it better than myself. A death scene for Wilson was unethical, unnecessary and I doubt even the prowess of Robert Sean Leonard could manage emotion like that. I love it. House is yet to be beaten. So to all other dramas, American or otherwise, I wish the best of luck to you. You'll need it.

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