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Top 5 Falsely Expected Pokemon For XY

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by , 11th October 2013 at 06:08 AM (3168 Views)
I don't usually write blog posts, but I suddenly felt the need for this topic. Here it goes.

Now, I didn't follow this forum or many others in the pokemon community when the last few games come out, but I noticed a certain phenomenon that somehow infected the entirety of the pokemon community: The phenomena of False Expectations.

What do I mean by this? I mean that certain ideas were thrown around as a near-surety, rather than fan-wank and fan-theories, which is what they actually were, and when the actual dex was revealed, there was nothing like them to be found. This resulted in a weird sort of confusion.

This pattern happened to a bizarre degree, and certain of these False Expectations were extremely proliferous and well-accepting, to the point that a large section of the fandom was pretty damned convinced of them. But oh how the mighty fall. They were not to be, and most people probably should have realized that Game Freak didn't have a direct channel with there brains and was unlikely to create a pokemon that manifested their fantasies. Even so, there were still many cries of puzzlement and disappointment, and many people dropping into leak-threads to stupidly say, "Wait, but wasn't there supposed to be X?" These are the Top 5 Falsely Expected Pokemon about which said gullables and over-optimists wailed the most.

Top 5 Falsely Expected Pokemon

Number 5: The Evolved/Fairy/Mega Dunsparce

Dunsparce, the long neglected little winged sand-worm-snake...thing, has been waiting for its time in the spotlight since Generation 2—and it will probably keep waiting.

Unlike the other entries in my top list, Number 5 isn't really any specific pokemon that failed to surface once X and Y leaked, but really just a lack of anything regarding changes to Dunsparce when something was highly expected to be done to elevate the little Land Snake pokemon from it's purely novelty status and make it a viable competition pokemon. Or bar that, to fulfill it's life-long dream of being a dragon, pointed out so long ago in it's dex entry.

But why would anyone expect Dunsparce to get any special treatment? Part of it might be because recently in the Unova anime, Pokemon Best Wishes, Ash nearly caught a Dunsparce. Thus there was a thought that the incident was set-up for introducing some changes to the pokemon in the next generation. Another part of it might be because Dunsparce's popularity has been growing recently as a sympathetic figure that could really use some love from developers. But who knows, really? People like Dunsparce and they wanted to believe that something good could happen to the little guy.

But however it started, since details of X and Y began to surface there has been one proposal after another. As an even generation, X and Y were expected to follow the pattern of introducing many evolutions and pre-evolutions of previous generation pokemon, and Dunsparce was one of the first and most widely agreed upon pokemon that needed an evolution—but there is not evolution. Later, when Fairy type was revealed, Dunsparce, as both an unusual Normal-type pokemon, and as a little winged-creature, was a favorite to be re-typed as fairy, after other obvious choices, like Clefairy and Chancey. But leaked screens have proven that idea false—Dunsparce is still Normal-type. And when Mega Evolutions came around, it was speculated Dunsparce would receive a mega evolution instead. Currently, there is no evidence that Dunsparce has received a Mega Evolution, and the likelihood is infinitesimal, but Dunsparce lovers remain hopeful.

In the end, there was a lot of love for Dunsparce this gen—it just wasn't from the developers. Hopefully he'll get his chance next generation!

Number 4: The Ice Wolf

This is an idea that has tickled fans since it was suggested. Wolves are cool animals, especially white ones, but despite being a popular animal, there is no wolf pokemon. However, popular opinion states that if there was a white wolf pokemon, it would probably be Ice-type. An Ice Wolf would be awesome, ipsofacto, oh my god, there must be an Ice Wolf pokemon!


The legend of the Ice Wolf began when someone, probably from 2chan, sifted through the Japanese trademarks and came up with a list of what was almost certainly names of generation 6 pokemon that were yet to be revealed. Then someone else, who probably wasn't from 2chan and whose skills in Japanese are in question, made some not very well-informed speculations about what type of pokemon the names belonged to, and one of them—you guessed it—was hypothesized to be a wolf.

But that's not the end of the tale! As X and Y's release grew nearer, many 'leakers' came out of the woodwork. I say leakers, but they were mostly liars, and many people believed them. Taking advantage of fan's hopes, they posted false information that they hoped would appeal and be passed off as truth for a personal laugh. More than one such 'leaker' managed to be believed for about half a second, and one of his prominent 'leaked' pokemon was a blue-eyed husky that evolved into an ice wolf—and had the same name that was suggested might belong to some kind of wolf pokemon from the list of trademarks. This rumor was rather quickly proven false, but large sections of the fandom missed the memo, resulting in a lot of disappointed fans once any possibility of it's existence was thoroughly debunked by early game-players.

While I think most of us would a agree that it's a compelling idea, there is no Ice Wolf pokemon. There was never any reason to expect one, the opposite, really. And yet people are so confused as to where the ice wolf is! Granted, there is a real (fake) source for this expectation, but that doesn't make it any more annoying telling casuals to stop asking if we've got their Ice Wolf hidden away somewhere in the bowls of the new dex. Because we don't! It's not there, damn it! It never was! Go home already!

Number 3: The Spritzee Plague Doctor

One of the early pokemon, and first new Fairy types to be revealed, was Spritzee, and almost immediately it spawned a great deal of speculation as to it's evolution. One of which was assuming it even had an evolution, which just about everyone agreed it would, for whatever reason. This ended up being correct, but what did it evolve into? Well it sure as hell wasn't a plague doctor, confusing and disappointing many.

You see, once upon a time, Spritzee was revealed along with Swirlix, and it was met with mild approval and interest. It was sort of bird-like, had a big beak (or nose?), was pink and labelled as the 'perfume' pokemon. This was a little weird. At first, there was some thought that it might become a flamingo. Afterall, it was birdish and pink and flamingos were popular animals that were known for being birdish and pink, but then, someone made a brilliant observation: Didn't it's 'nose' look kind of like a plague mask? It did, it really did—and thus Plague Doctor Spritzee2 was born!

Granted, it kind of makes sense as an idea: there's the superficial resemblance in appearance, the fact that plague doctors used to put balls of perfume in the masks to make the air smell better and 'clean the air' (which it didn't, but this is medieval logic), and Spritzee is the perfume pokemon, and aren't a lot of diseases air born (and oh my god, so is perfume!)? Well, yeah. I never said the idea didn't have merit, it was just inevitably wrong. Because there was honestly no way that Game Freak's evolution for Spritzee would ever completely line up with the fan-approved appearance that became standard fakemon Spritzee-evo fair. The world just doesn't work that way, and the possibility that Japanese developers would borrow such an obscure and disturbing western concept was probably pretty unlikely from the start. But so many people were so enchanted and so convinced by the clever idea, and the many fan art pictures that soon surfaced, that they convinced themselves it was a given—and they were so wrong.

As game stores began to break streetdate and leaks surfaced, a Japanese magazine called Ciao revealed the elusive and much anticipated Spritzee and Swirlix Evolutions—Aromatisse and Slurpuff. What it proved, was that Spritzee did in fact not evolve into a plague doctor, but a Pomander...or a Can-Can girl. Really, Aromatisse was a mix of both, a Can-Canning, Sweet-Smelling little puff ball. Fluffy and Aromatic, it's round and cute and perfumed, like a pomander, and it's pose and dress-like feathers put to mind the famous French Moulan Rouge posters by Lautrech. Oh yeah, and you know what it's beak (which stayed more or less the same) also resembled besides a plague mask? A nose! You know, that thing you smell with! It's really a cool pokemon with great ideas—and it's not a plague doctor.

The fandom is still scratching it's collective heads over the cute fairy evolution, trying to decide how mad they should be that it wasn't what they'd convinced themselves to expect, but they'll probably get used to it in time. Oh well, Plague Doctor Spritzee was a cool idea while it lasted.

Number 2: The Second Eeveelution

Eevee and it's evolutions are extremely popular pokemon, so it's no surprise that when Game Freak had the task of popularizing the new Fairy-type, they chose to do so with a new eeveelution: Sylveon. They'd done this in the past, the last time they'd created a new type, back when they first introduced the Dark-type pokemon (along with the Steel-type) back in Generation 2. It worked out pretty well, so obviously they thought it a tried and true method.

And it worked. Sylveon was well met by fans and quickly gained popularity, but there was a hole, a void that no amount of gazing upon the wonderful Sylveon could fill. There was just something not right, something off, and that something was summed up with the words, "Where the hell is my other eevee!?"

There was no evidence to suggest there was another eeveelution being hidden away by the developers, but people lose there minds when it comes to eeveelutions, apparently, so that didn't stop anyone from coming up with vast amounts of "evidence", (in quotation marks). All of it was circumstancial, none of it had any substance, but it kept the second gen 6 eeveelution hope alive until the very end, and eeveelution lovers would argue these 'facts' up and down as if they outright proved something that, inevitably, they...well, they didn't. At all.

To see where the "evidence" for Eeveelution 2's existance comes from, you have to go back...all the way back...back to Generation 1. Back when there was no Special Attack or Special Defense stat, there was only Special. Back when moves were catagorized as Special or Physical based on their type alone. Back then, Special Types were: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Grass and Dragon. Sound familiar to anyone? All of them have Eeveelutions except Dragon. This is, apparently, evidence that there was going to be a Dragon-type Eevee. And speaking of Eeveelutions, while when Eevee was first introduce it had three potential evolutions, in all the generations since, when new eeveelutions were introduced, they had always been introduced as a pair: first with Espeon and Umbreon, then with Glaceon and Leafeon.

Sylveon, despite being introduced alone when all other eeveelutions had been released together, despite having it's own short in the most recent pokemon movie which introduced it alongside all the eeveelutions released to date, despite being a new type that has nothing to do with the physical/special split, was hypothesized not to be alone. And the evidence seems compelling—until you realize it all hinges on patterns that have all since been broken, meaning there is every liklihood they would be broken again.

Because while speculation ran wild as to which type of Eeveelution would join Sylveon once we got the complete dex (Dragon was the most popular, to 'complete' the Special set) there is no second eevee. And I, for one, am okay with that, and the fandom will just have to be as well. Unfortunately we still have people insisting that Eeveelution 2.0 is still hiding somehwere in the National Dex or in DLC content, I guess that they are living in denial isn't huritng anyone.

Number 1: The Litleo Manticore

You may be wondering why this particular falsly expected pokemon is number one. Well, I'll tell you why—because it was never going to happen. It is not even funny how unlikely this was. The others on this list had some basis for evidence, they had some interesting thoughts. This didn't. It was so out there it should have been shot down from the moment it was blurted out by some idiot with poor eyesite and reasoning skills, but for some reason it wasn't. And only God knows why not.

The Litleo Manitore theory was seemingly spawned when someone took a look at the then-recently-revealed lion cub pokemon, Litleo, and noticed that it had a tail that ended in a tuft that was pointed at the end. For some reason they came to the conclusion that, rather than representing a lion's iconic tuft-ended tail (which it obviously did), it was a proto-stinger, like the end of a scorpion's tail. Yeah, I don't even know.

It was then decided that, as a stinger-bearing lion cub (which it wasn't) it must become that fantastical lion-bodied, scorpion-tailed, human-faced, man-eating creature from myth and legend, the manticore. This idea was logically doomed to be incorrect, and based on false facts from its very conception, but people believed it. They perpetuated it. They can up with increasingly ludicrous ways to justfy its existance. And one can only hope that when Litleo's real evolution was revealed in an issue of CoroCoro some weeks later, they learned the error of their ways.

Because Litleo, the Lion Cub pokemon (yeah, that's it's species, think it might be a hint?) did not become a manticore, but instead, surprise! It became a lion! Who would have guessed?

Firstly, Litleo observably resembles a young lion and not a young manticore in any way. It's tuffed tail is like a lion's and doesn't look anythign like a scorpion's. Also it doesn't have a human-like face, eat human flesh, have three rows of teeth or wings, nor is it noted in it's dex entry to be magical or mythical or have any nod towards manticore lore. It is Normal/Fire type, when anything with a scoprion's tail would no doubt have Poison-type in there somewhere (and indeed this 'manticore' evoltuion was speculated to become Fire/Poison as justification), and Normal-type in general isn't noted for having a lot of pokemon from western mythology represented in it. Furthermore, the most logical thing for a baby lion to become is an adult lion—it's species entry is even 'The Lion Cub Pokemon', not 'The Manticore Cub Pokemon'.

In conclusion, there is no Manticore pokemon, there never was, and Litleo was most certainly never going to become one. And what we got instead was way better: Pyroar a proper lion pokemon with great, realistic gender differences, just like lions in real life. Pyroar is already a generation favorite, and hopefully, as Pokemon X and Y are just a day away from release, we can all just put that manticore nonsense behind us and pretend it never happened.
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  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
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    anything with a scoprion's tail would no doubt have Poison-type in there somewhere
    Gliscor would like a word with you. :P
  2. WindBlast's Avatar
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    You had to remind me with the ice wolfy? :(

    In all honesty, I knew that there was no valid reason to believe the ice wolf rumor. But, it is free to swim in the seas of denial and false :P

    Edit: And Wulfric didn't help with stuff either XD
  3. winstein's Avatar
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    I recall that certain fans had an intense dislike for Emolga just because it broke the Eeveelution line. When Eevee's entry is followed by nine different unrevealed spaces, they thought that is a hint for a new Eeveelution, but it turned out to be Emolga. It's not like Emolga did anything wrong, so it comes off as vain. This happened some time ago, and I believe the irritation had subsided by now.

    Thanks for reading.


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