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Breeding Hyjinx: Espurr!

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Since so little is known still about the new pokemon in the game, I've decided to document my experiments for kicks and shits. At this point I'm not finished yet, so there will probably be some updating later on, check in periodically if you feel like it.

Well, first off, I decided during the game that I freaking loved my Female Meowstic. It was strong, damn fast, had a great move pool and even had great IVs and a Timid nature (+Speed/-Attack) which was pretty much perfect, considering it's strengths. I never trained my Meowstic, Celeste, for EVs during the game, otherwise she'd be competition perfect as she was. So I wanted to breed another of her, but I really wished she had a healing move of something tricky for competition battle, so I've decided to experiment with breeding a bit.

As it turns out, Espurr/Meowstic are in the Field Egg Group, so here was my first attempt:

Celeste (My Meowstic Female)
Nature: Timid (holding Everstone so it would pass down).
Ability: Infiltrator

And I bred her with

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Forewarn
Moves: Moonlight, Yawn, Nightmare, Zen Headbutt

I bred 8 eggs. ALL OF THEM WERE MALE. What the hell? Why? I don't know. I mean, I guess it could be a coincidence, but that seems odd. Meowstic's gender ratio seems to be 50/50 in the wild so I'm confused on that front. All but one had Infiltrator as an ability, the odd one out had Keen Eye. They all knew Scratch, Leer and Yawn and were Timid.

I wonder if maybe the fact that it wasn't bred with a male Meowstic made any difference, so next I'll breed one of the offspring Meowstic with Celeste. I'm going to be really pissed if it turns out you can't get a female Meowstic through breeding.

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  1. Winterdaze's Avatar
    If your original Meowstic was really good, you could just use a Reset Bag to set her EVs back to 0. You get them sometimes by punching the blank bag on the super training screen.
  2. AmphBoss's Avatar
    If you can live with Celeste with her current movepool i.e. just needs to be EV trained there is always the option of Reset bags in Super training
  3. Norzan's Avatar
    Does the Everstone make the parent holding it pass down its nature 100% of the time in Gen 6 like it did in BW2?
  4. AmphBoss's Avatar
    @Winterdaze; Great minds think alike, & apparently at the same time as well
  5. winstein's Avatar
    Unrelated question, but is Espurr able to get Assist through breeding? I imagine that as a cat, it could learn it in some way, but levelling up isn't one of them.

    Thanks for reading.


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