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Mega kanto

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So...this is a thing, just watched yuri of wind's pokegods video before learing about this...WAT DA FAWK? This is cool and all, and my two favorite pokemon (absol and lucario) got mega's, BUT FOCUS ON NEW POKEMON! Not that mega's are bad, not at all, but this is crazy. GO one step at a time pokemon and curo curo. You shoulda let us find out about megas on our on turf, im signing out!

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    Game Freak has had this problem for the entire series, they can't seem to find a good balance between having tons of new Pokemon (odd generations) and tons of new evolutions (even generations). Mega Evolutions seems to be their way of side stepping the issue, they're technically not new Pokemon, but they still force Game Freak to divert attention away from new Pokemon and give old Pokemon too much emphasis.


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