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  1. Kestron's Pokemon White Wedlock Update #6

    And yet here is another update of the dangerous, mute lunatic named Chell Nynyamo and his lovestruck pokemon!

    To save my and your time here, I'm just going to sum up Chargestone Cave in two word:Super Repels. Seriously, after catching Hermione the Docile Boldore, I spammed the $500 gifts from Arceus wherever I went and that allowed me to battle Team Plasma + N without any deaths. Proceeding onto Mistralton City, I met Prof. Juniper's eccentric father, Cedric who updated my pokedex ...
    White Wedlocke
  2. Kestron's Pokemon White Wedlock Update #4+5

    A truly delayed update (three days later) for this time, I beat two gym leaders

    Elesa's Emolga Twins were a pain in the ass with Volt switch taking about 1/3 of my Andromeda's HP, but she was able to pull through with Rock Tombs. Zebstrika was a little easier to handle with Servine who takes as much damage as Flame Charge as Andromeda takes Volt Switch. These two only won with <25% of their HP, so I'm really proud of them for winning me the Bolt Badge and getting me halfway through ...
    White Wedlocke
  3. Kestron's Pokemon White Wedlock Update #3

    Perseus - Andromeda - Odysseus - Penelope

    So this update is long overdue, but hopefully Castelia City can make up for that.

    I started off by going back to Pinwheel Forest and leveling up Odysseus to Level 22 for Scald and evolving Penelope at Level 21.

    When I finally stepped into the big city, I took a left to the first pier in order ...

    Updated 12th March 2014 at 05:06 PM by Kimono Dragon

    White Wedlocke
  4. Kestron's Pokemon White Wedlock Update #2

    So I wasn't able to have access to my 3DS over the weekend, but I made sure to play today and have a significant update for today!

    First thing first, I did catch a Haimon, which is a Serious Throh. However, tragedy struck while level grinding, as Antigone (Woobat) fell to the Doubleslap of the sinister Audino.

    At Level 20, Haimon was able to solo the Nacrene gym (It only took <15% from a Herdier after Leer ) and my character, Nynyamo, was able to recieve his ...
    White Wedlocke
  5. Kestron's Pokemon White Wedlock Update #1

    So recently I've been watching Marilland's latest Pokémon series, Pokemon Black Wedlocke, and I've also recently found my long-lost Pokemon White. After thinking about it, I've decided to try my hand at doing a White Wedlocke of my own!

    Storywise, I've beaten the Plasma Grunts in Wellspring Cave. No casualties so far, which is also good!

    Perseus (♂Hasty Servine/Nuvema) x Andromeda (♀Gentle Herdier/Rt 2)

    Odysseus (♂Hasty Panpour/Dreamyard) ...

    Updated 10th March 2014 at 11:40 PM by Kimono Dragon

    White Wedlocke
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