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Soul Silver Delivers

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My friends are playing a Nuzlock run with HG/SS, and they are complaining about it every step of the way. It seemed interesting at first, but eventually I realized that that sort of game isn't really a game at's just another way to drive yourself crazy.
It did however inspire me to restart my Soul Silver game, in which I found I had caught a shiny Stantler. (Woo, Stantler. Ugliest friggin creature.) So I gave my "good" Pokemon to my S.O. and started a new game.
My first time playing I had thought it to be boring and time consuming, with the added frustration of Voltorb Flip making me tear my hair out.
To my surprise, I quite like it this time around. Now that I know what I'm doing a little bit more, and learned how to "correctly" play Voltorb Flip, I really enjoy the gameplay. Its storyline leaves a little to be desired, but I consider that the side effect of being spoiled by the B/W storyline. I'm even nicknaming my Pokemon and enjoying doing so.
My only mistake was choosing the fire starter. I should have waited for my precious Vulpix.
But I enjoy my team so far. Haven't even defeated the third gym yet, but so far my team comprises of Vulpix, Nidorina, Alakazam, Geodude, Dratini and Quagsire. I'm finding that that balance does well for someone like me, relying mostly on speed to get the job done. (Of course you can't get much speed when it comes to Geodude, but I need SOMETHING for those pesky Electric types!)

Gen V really did spoil us. TMs aren't reusable, ugh! Guess that will just force me to think harder about my choices.

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