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  1. Generation Reservation

    Well now.
    Gen VI.

    Missed the initial flare of "OMG GEN VI, 3D CUTE STARTERS AWESOME LEGENDARIES OMG ROLLERSKATES!" posts and blogs. Had to wait until I'd calmed down and could type a coherent sentence.
    As most others, I am super duper thrilled that this game is coming out. I love everything about it - the starters, the 3D aspect, the setting, the legendaries. I really don't have a bad thing to say about what we've seen so far.
    That said, while I think ...
  2. Work Is No Joke

    I am so, so tempted to quit my job. But that won't happen...I couldn't find anything that pays this well. Having a hard time making ends meet as it is, even with four roommates.
    Ah! It's the end of my day off, why am I thinking about work already?

    In other news, what do you call a redhead who runs a bakery?
    A ginger bread man.
  3. Two Years? New Year, Please.

    Tried to write a New Year's post. This is my third attempt. Turns out, there's just not a lot to say about how glad I am that 2012 is over, except that I'm looking forward to a new chapter.
    In the last two years, I got my first job, moved out into my own place, got married, got divorced, lost some friends and found the love of my life.
    It's been a tiring, elating, heartbreaking, overwhelmingly long process to get to where I am now. Am I glad of it? Yes. Are things perfect? No. There ...
  4. Fanfic Panic

    Another day at work, another slow time to fill. Doodling seems to be today's theme, and I'm getting pretty frustrated with myself. Wasn't I the one everybody said would grow up to be an artist? Hm. Seems that my talent my not be inherent, but something to be cultivated. Something to be worked at.
    Writing is the area I excel in. You wouldn't be able to tell from my blog, rambling and incoherent as it is so far, but that is my one niche, my one skill in this crazy world. Too bad it won't pay ...
  5. A Blog By Any Other Name...

    I've never been very good at blogs. Oh, I start them with good intentions but inevitably I find myself hard pressed for anything interesting to say or observe. Maybe I'm a boring person, or lead a normal life, or simply forget any interesting musings that would nicely fill a blog post.
    Either way, looking through some of the entries on here, the blogs are used more as a Facebook-esque update or discussions on various topics. Or just a way to vent. Seems interesting enough.
    Currently ...

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