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Fanfic Panic

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Another day at work, another slow time to fill. Doodling seems to be today's theme, and I'm getting pretty frustrated with myself. Wasn't I the one everybody said would grow up to be an artist? Hm. Seems that my talent my not be inherent, but something to be cultivated. Something to be worked at.
Writing is the area I excel in. You wouldn't be able to tell from my blog, rambling and incoherent as it is so far, but that is my one niche, my one skill in this crazy world. Too bad it won't pay the big bucks, huh?
Thinking of starting a Pokemon fanfic. I've sketched a rough main character design (the object of my frustration) and, with the help of my significant other, have come up with a general idea for a story. At this point, I'm not inclined to use any actual places or people from the Pokemon games, anime or manga...I would most definitely get something wrong, or struggle in the constrictions of "what is known." So I need to draw a map, design some cities, construct an entire country. That sounds like more work than a fanfic might be worth, but's something to do.
Not sure I would share it, at least not quite yet. I'll probably finish an outline, write a couple of chapters and see where that leads me.

This is my idea of the main character. Shown from the front and from the back, in case anyone didn't know what the white things were poking out from behind her. (Also, yes it is slanted, I don't have a scanner and have to prop up the sketchbook and take a pic with my cell. First world problems.)

Maybe I can ask someone to do a better representation.

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    Sweet. I'm better at writing than drawing, too, but that drawing's better than any of mine. I'm working (extremely slowly) on a Pokemon fanfic, too, which I may or may not have the attention-span to finish. It's about my home, Lavender Town. You should go for it and write.
  2. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Screw talent! You can be anything you want if you tryyyyyyyyyy!
  3. Hedface's Avatar
    @ Lavendar - Haha well thanks! Is your fanfic up anywhere? I would like to read it :) If I ever do start this thing, it will be slow too...being a perfectionist with perfectless tendencies. Haha.

    @Whimsicott - Anything is possible if you BELIEEEEEEEVE! Haha xD


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