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  1. 24, Feels Like 40*

    by , 22nd February 2013 at 08:20 PM (A Random Panorama)
    Is it just me being an old fart, or do younger people get more and more irritating?
    I understand that as a teenager the knowledge of "this too shall pass" is not inherent. Every single bad thing feels like it will last a lifetime, or that it will cast an irreversible shadow over your life. No one "gets" you now, and never will....why doesn't anyone realize how special you are, how uniquely necessary to the world?
    Part of growing up is realizing several things: ...
  2. Soul Silver Delivers

    by , 16th February 2013 at 08:11 PM (A Random Panorama)
    My friends are playing a Nuzlock run with HG/SS, and they are complaining about it every step of the way. It seemed interesting at first, but eventually I realized that that sort of game isn't really a game at all...it's just another way to drive yourself crazy.
    It did however inspire me to restart my Soul Silver game, in which I found I had caught a shiny Stantler. (Woo, Stantler. Ugliest friggin creature.) So I gave my "good" Pokemon to my S.O. and started a new game.
    My ...
  3. Used Car, So Far

    by , 9th February 2013 at 07:45 PM (A Random Panorama)
    Car broke down finally, as I knew it would soon do. As my preferred repair shop isn't open until Monday, however, I don't know how much the repairs are going to be. If it goes the way I think it will, it looks like I will finally take a dive bomb into the magical world of used car shopping.
    I've already started doing some searching online and WOW! Used cars have really shot up in price since I last paid attention. I'm not a picky person, but even for the short list of things I'd want in a ...
  4. Confessions of a Synesthetic

    by , 6th February 2013 at 03:00 PM (A Random Panorama)
    One of my biggest pet peeves (and believe me, there are a lot of them) is people. People in general - in my line of work, you don't grow to be their biggest fan. I get an up close and personal look at our species' less admirable sides all day, 8 or more hours every day, taking crap and giving them sugar in return so I can keep this poor excuse for a job.
    But one of these peeves actually doesn't involve my job... it's people I know personally. I will be asked what sort of music I like, and ...
  5. Bad Joke of the Day

    by , 23rd January 2013 at 08:41 PM (A Random Panorama)
    Did you hear about this new controversy with Pokemon? Parents are angry with Nintendo because their children find porn when they Google Pokemon X.
    I don't know what they're so upset about...
    It's as if Pikachu Double Teamed their kids. I don't know why parents need to Protect their children from this. The Internet is not a Safeguard from Snatch. I think they just want some Payback. As if Pokemon is going to Flash their children with big sweaty Energy Balls. They need to Take Down their ...

    Updated 23rd January 2013 at 08:48 PM by Hedface

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