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I've never been very good at blogs. Oh, I start them with good intentions but inevitably I find myself hard pressed for anything interesting to say or observe. Maybe I'm a boring person, or lead a normal life, or simply forget any interesting musings that would nicely fill a blog post.
Either way, looking through some of the entries on here, the blogs are used more as a Facebook-esque update or discussions on various topics. Or just a way to vent. Seems interesting enough.
Currently I'm at work, wasting time away before I can pack up and go home. My job entails taking lots of phone calls, but we have slow times where the only thing to do is watch TV or browse the 'Net. Sometimes I play Pokemon, although lately I've been less inclined to bother with post game content.
Lately I've been thinking about restarting my Black and doing a speed run. Giving myself six good Pokemon to blast through, and hopefully get a full city at the end. (Initially playing it, I was not aware that the faster you went through the game, the more you could buy in Black City at the end, and subsequently all I could get at the end was Thunderstones or Waterstones.) Then again, that would entail work...planning a team, breeding it, transferring, and only then enjoy the fruits of labor. And then the problem would entail being careful not to play during our "busy" work times and run up those hours. It all just sounds so exhausting.
But it could be fun. Maybe once the new year starts, I'll wake out of my holiday funk and have the wherewithall to start some of these projects I've been intending to start.
Maybe. Lazy usually wins.

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