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24, Feels Like 40*

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Is it just me being an old fart, or do younger people get more and more irritating?
I understand that as a teenager the knowledge of "this too shall pass" is not inherent. Every single bad thing feels like it will last a lifetime, or that it will cast an irreversible shadow over your life. No one "gets" you now, and never will....why doesn't anyone realize how special you are, how uniquely necessary to the world?
Part of growing up is realizing several things: that math test you blew? Doesn't mean you're a failure, and it doesn't mean you won't achieve your dreams. It means your parents will be disappointed for a brief time.
That boy who just broke your heart? He's growing up and learning about romantic entanglements, just like you are. He's (probably) not always going to be an asshole, just like you're (probably) not always going to think Edward is the epitome of love interests.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that at the time it feels like your life is completely over, and I'm not trying to be superior or condescend. I just wish being young wasn't so difficult in this day and age, where the slightest thing is projected to be a major catastrophe.
It's not. Wait until you're in debt up to your eyeballs, or you lose the job you've worked at for 15 years, or you have to put your father into a nursing home. And when that happens, you will be expected to take it like a pro - complaining will get you nothing but disgust and apathy. Whiny Facebook status updates from an adult aren't cute.

*This is not directed toward anybody in particular, and my most profuse apologies if I offend anybody. That is not my intention.

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  1. Aori's Avatar
    As a person who has felt 40 ever since she turned 10, I agree with you. While it's OK for people to suffer for small problems (after all, it's what they know and perceive as problems), it gets annoying. I guess I'm the silent sufferer type, so that's why I get cranky XD you must feel the same way, too! Haha


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