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Lord Naarghul

  1. So it has come to pass

    After 17 long years, my dog appears to finally be nearing his end. I expect that sometime in the next two days, I will be burying him.

    It's a somber moment for me. He was a fantastic dog and fun to be around right up to the end. He was active, freakishly athletic and very well mannered. I grew up with him and loved him to pieces. It's going to be an empty house without him. All we have now is a young, extremely active cat.

    However I have been mentally preparing for ...
  2. *Sigh* Another April Fool's Day has come...

    And with it, another day for me to avoid the Internet.

    Youtube's prank has been pretty blatantly obvious. "OMG WE'RE TAKING YOUTUBE DOWN TO SELECT THE WINNER" is rather odd but not very subtle, especially the ridiculous bits about the "winner" being announced ten years from now. It's a prank, everyone knows it.

    I miss the days of YouTube's April Fool's day pranks being Rickrolls on every vid in the front page. Or the format that forced vids into ...