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Thoughts on the new 'mons and so forth

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Since a lot pf people are blogging about what they think of the new Kalos mon's and other things announced this week, I might as well join in.

~Starter evos

They showed off the middle evolutions. Chespin's, Quilladin, is going to take a while to take it seriously. Froakie's, Frogadier, looks pretty cool. Makes me warm up a bit to Froakie a bit. Speaking of warm up, we have Fennekin's, Braixen. The way it uses the branch to attack, setting it alight... I think I decided on my starter.

~Fossil 'Mons

Both are cute but I prefer Amaura. It's just beautiful. And its Ability, which changes Normal attacks to Ice? Sweet! As for the T-Rex... meh.


I'll be sure to try training one of those, because both versions are adorable. I am tempted to catch a male one and name him Sorenya, after Soren, one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters, with a random nya at the end. For a female, I'll name her Rin after Rin Kaenbyou, one of the many ladies of Touhou.


Not sure what to think of this one. Sure, it looks powerful, but its appearance and its Normal secondary typing, I'm uncertain.


Ah yes, the 'mon who snuck its way into Pokémon Direct before it was announced. The trim styles we've seen look rather ridiculous, though. I'll leave mine untrimmed.

~Mega Mewtwo X

Glad I'm getting X, because to be honest, I like this more than the first mega evo we saw for Mewtwo.

~Mega Garchomp

Sweet merciful Arceus! Now if you'll excuse me, I got an Ice Beam TM to use... because I am not a fan of its appearance.

~New rule for Online battles

"Disconnecting from a rating battle will count as an automatic loss." Thank you for listening to the competitive crowd, GameFreak. Now let's see how those ragequitters feel about their rating plummeting!

~New Immunities and Type chart

Grass types cannot be affected by spore or powder moves. Pretty cool. Ghost types are immune to anything that prevent fleeing. If they have a Roaming Pokémon that's a Ghost type, we'll pray that we have a Master Ball. Electric types cannot be paralyzed. I'll have to think more on that.

As for the type chart, some of Fairy's strengths and weaknesses make sense. The Dragon immunity is a bit much, but if they're balancing out Dragons, I can understand.


I like what I am seeing here. At least I won't be wearing the same thing as *insert number of ppl playing as a certain gender here* which is a plus. What I'll have my avatar wear... I'm still thinking about that. But I do know that I'll not be wearing a miniskirt.

~Team Flare admins

The admins we got look pretty interesting, especially the ladies, who look like fashionistas. At first, I facepalmed when they said their goal was to make money, but they seem to redeem themselves with a plan to change the world.

~Final thoughts

Wow. That's a lot of stuff revealed. Looking forward to getting my copy of X.

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