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Snow day

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Just got a text from my college, and it appears school was canceled due to icy conditions. There has been ice for a few days now, and temperatures will remain freezing for a few more days. Yep, it gets that cold here in Texas. Some trees around here have seen better days. Ice is everywhere.

Well, that gives me time to recover from those coughs I've been having. The coughs aren't too serious; they should be gone once the phlegm is expelled. I did message my doctor, so I should hear from her later on. Also, I could finish up my physics homework while I'm at it...

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Updated 8th December 2013 at 08:18 PM by Berrenta



  1. Prez's Avatar
    Ah, lucky! It's still been snowing over here for a while and there is yet to be a snow day announced. Also, feel better!
  2. Berrenta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Autumnbreeze
    Also, feel better!
    Thanks! Will try. ^_^
  3. Snugglefox's Avatar
    *Throws a snowball at you!* Teehee! <3


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