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Murphy's Laws of Pokémon

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For those who don't know what Murphy's Laws are, they explain that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Here's my Pokémon version that I thought up as I was breeding.

~In battles, there's no such thing as "no RNG hax." Any hax will be in your opponent's favor. No exceptions.
~When breeding for what you want, you will get the opposite of what is desired. The ones that do have the desired trait (gender, IV, nature, and/or Ability) will be undesireable everywhere else.
~When Wonder Trading, there will be someone offering an early route mon.
~When EV-training, a 'mon or a horde of 'mons you do not want will appear and ruin it. Bonus points if you used Sweet Scent or Honey, and rain comes after you flee.
~When using the Poké-Radar or chain-fishing, there will be a 'mon that will break your chain.
~If challenged to a random free battle, your opponent will use legendaries and will curb-stomp you with them.
~When someone initiates a trade out of nowhere, they will do so just to flaunt shinies and legendaries and never actually trade.
~Eventually, you will run out of healing items in the worst places.
~Field moves will always be required when you don't have the right 'mon for the job.
~If you find a Shiny, your game will find a way to prevent you from catching or keeping it.
~If looking for a 'mon with a desired Ability, you will be bombarded by members of the species with something else. Bonus points if the Ability you find is terrible.
~When battling someone (be a player or NPC), they will always start with a 'mon that counters your first 'mon. Bonus points if your 'mon has Intimidate and your opponent has an Ability that nullifies the Attack drop. More bonus points if the opponent's 'mon has Contrary or Defiant and is physically oriented, or has Competitive and is specially oriented.
~If looking for a certain item, you'll always get something else. Bonus points if it is something unwanted.
~When breeding, eggs never come in a timely fashion, no matter how well your two 'mons get along.
~When doing a Nuzlocke, you will lose 'mons in the worst places. Bonus points if you were in the Pokémon League.

I'm sure I haven't covered all of them, so feel free to post any additions in the comments.

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Updated 3rd February 2014 at 03:36 PM by Berrenta (Forgot Defiant and Competitive)

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  1. Flandey's Avatar
    "If looking for a 'mon with a desired Ability, you will be bombarded by members of the species with something else. Bonus points if the Ability you find is terrible."

    A month or so ago I was in someones Friend Safari looking for some Aipoms with Pickup (out of all Pokemon with Pickup they are in the fastest experience group) and I kept getting Aipom with its hidden ability and the person wasnt even online. I got like 12 in a row with Skill Link (HA) and I even found a shiny Aipom in the process.

    Also heres an addition: When using a move with low accuracy it will never hit for you but always for the opponent. An example would be if you used Blizzard and it didnt hit once but when your opponent uses Blizzard it hits and freezes every time. Maybe even a critical hit too.
  2. Kagerou's Avatar
    This is why mindset matters a lot. I pretend like I don't want the more desirable outcome, and I get it most of the time. ;)
  3. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    More bonus points if the opponent's 'mon has Contrary and is physically oriented.
    Which is all of one Pokemon (Malamar). Not really something worth complaining about unless Malamar is a popular choice in the competitive scene (which I don't really know that well).
  4. AnybodyAgrees's Avatar
    It is.

    My comment on rule #2: I was breeding for a Kabuto, and pretty early I got a 5Iv one, Jolly nature. Then I saw its ability was off. Then I saw I had 216BP. Then I bought an Ability Capsule.

    New law: When doing a Nuzlocke, Wonderlocke, Advancelocke, or Xpert Run, there will be at least one mandatory trainer with a pokemon that you will be unable to get through without stalling it out or losing a mon. Bonus points if it is an Advancelocke and you can't stall it out(because using items is forbidden.)
    Updated 2nd February 2014 at 09:31 PM by AnybodyAgrees


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