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Trading Triumph! - Blog 2

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Hey guys! Boy have I got news for you all today! This is an all out trading special about my delightful trades I've made today!

LightningDragon88 deserves a big shout out for helping me out today, really appreciate what he's gave me to help me fill my dex up.


Do you remember yesterday I wanted an Arceus that knew Perish Song? Today I bagged one! Along with other Pokemon, I now possess even more Legendaries which I'll go through in a moment. But first, I'll take you through the Arceus' moveset and details.

I know this is the Dream World Arceus event Pokemon from last year. It was met on the 20/3/2011 at Entree Forest at Level 100. OT is Mat, so I presume Dragon got this in a trade. I myself traded my shiny Mamoswine for this Arceus and I feel it's worth it. It is holding no plate so it is the normal type of Arceus. The aspects and stats of Arceus are:

  • HP: 382
  • Attack: 308
  • Defense: 277
  • Sp. Atk: 278
  • Sp. Def: 277
  • Speed: 248

It's ability is Multiptype which 'Changes type to match the held plate' and here's the awesome thing...


  • Recover
  • Hyper Beam

Notice the first bold? IT'S PERISH SONG! Yippie! Perish Song! This is the ideal Arceus for me and I'll be sure to add it to my party in a moment!


Dragon kindly gave me some other Pokemon and this was one of the permanent ones that he gave me. In exchange for a Clamperl, Dragon gave me a level 40 Giratina which I'll also examine in the same way as I did Arceus. Giratina was met on the 25/10/2012 via Pokemon Dream Radar. This one was Dragon's I presume as it has his OT name. It has a bashful nature. So:

  • HP: 179
  • Attack: 87
  • Defense: 109
  • Sp. Attack: 87
  • Sp. Defense: 113
  • Speed: 88

Giratina's ability is Telepathy, which allows it to dodge team-mates moves in Double and Triple battles, useful for Surf!


  • Destiny Bond
  • Dragon Claw
  • Earth Power
  • Aura Sphere

Not a bad Pokemon, I'm really grateful for it and I will raise Giratina up to it's full potential.


The final permanent trade was a Level 15 Meloetta! I was really happy to see this one in my box, as it's the only Pokemon I need to complete the Unova Dex, or so I thought. More on that later. Anyway, Meloetta was met on the 14/7/2012 at Pokemon Movie 12. It has a fateful encounter at Level 15. It's OT is unpronounceable but Dragon must've got this in a trade. It has a timid nature.

  • HP: 57
  • Attack: 27
  • Defense: 32
  • Sp. Attack: 46
  • Sp. Defense: 45
  • Speed: 38

It's ability is Serene Grace which boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.


  • Round
  • Confusion
  • Quick Attack

I plan on teaching Meloetta Perish Song and Relic Song. Perish Song will replace Quick Attack. Today has been lively, but it's not over yet! Here are some temporary dex trades I got also.


I got a Level 50 Deoxys in it's normal form. I didn't get time to look at it due to me having to send the Deoxys back.

I also got a Ho - Oh for a while, also Level 50. I also sent this one back I didn't get to look at it.

My Wanted Pokemon

Since I've fulfilled yesterday's wanted Pokemon, time for a new one. So I thought I completed the Unova Dex after I got Meloetta. Hurriedly, I flew
to Nuvema Town to tell Juniper. She said 'You've seen 300 Pokemon in the Unova Region...' C'mon..... 'A little more work and it'll be complete.' I was confused, hadn't I completed it? It was only then I looked to see that I had seen 300 Pokemon if you count Victini, which it did. When I scrolled down the dex, something was missing: Rufflet. I need Rufflet to complete the Unova Dex.

My most wanted Pokemon today is:

RUFFLET or Braviary

If anyone can help me out, just give me a shout or PM and I'll look at your offer.

Final Thought

So today, I now have 3 new Legendaries in my box and 5 more in my Pokedex! I'm really excited to train them and make them the best they can be to battle others. This'll be an awesome feat if I can get 'em all to Level 100. I plan on helping my friend out by doing a dex trade for him to get Meloetta and for me to hopefully get Rufflet. Wish me luck everyone and comment below about the blog. I'll see you tomorrow for more Pokemon World!

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