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Pokemon, Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Blog 3

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by , 2nd December 2012 at 12:51 PM (482 Views)
Hello again, my friends and welcome to the blog! Firstly, yesterday I properly completed the Unova Dex. *insert fanfare here* I got the permit and flew straight to the Nature Preserve to get the Shiny Haxorus. Score! Anyway, my sights are now set on the National Dex and more legendaries! I'll explain my Trading Efforts now.

Trading Efforts

The guy who helped me out today was Archmage and was an awesome guy today. I bred my Phione to get 3 eggs, hatching one and giving it Pokerus and leaving the others as eggs. After a long negotiation, we decided to finally trade. For the 3 Phione, I got an Electrike, Fearow and a female Nidoran, all at Level 10. I've now evolved Nidoran to Nidoqueen and bred Fearow to get a Spearow and I'm about to evolve Electrike. All in all a very successful day in my opinion and I hope to trade with Archmage in the future, he's awesome to trade with and very generous.

I'll quickly list my Most Wanted and then I can get onto the main discussion.

My Wanted Pokemon

Weirdly, so far when I have had a wanted Pokemon, the next day I somehow obtain it. So hopefully it'll be the same for this next Pokemon.
Celebi in my eyes is an awesome legendary, it moves swiftly and innocently and is small. :P It also can learn PERISH SONG. Which as you can guess, is one of my favourite Pokemon moves. As well as this, Celebi is a Psychic and Grass type and as those who look at my profile will know, is my favourite type. Well, grass anyway. Psychic isn't that bad either. Plus, it isn't a 'moody' Pokemon that isn't cheerful like Mewtwo for the most part, it's a very nice and cute Pokemon. It even has it's own Pokeball, the GS ball! I also like the backstory if it being able to travel through time. It's stats can total 600 too! So it's a good Pokemon in my opinion as well. Celebi is one of my favourite legendaries and I doubt it'll be knocked off my top list any time soon.

That's why my most wanted Pokemon currently is:

Celebi knowing Perish Song

If anyone can help me with this, temporarily or permanently, shoot me a PM or reply to my thread here: Legendary Pokemon!

Meloetta and Empoleon

Ever since I got a Piplup in a trade, I've been trying to elevate it to Level 100, it's now Empoleon at Level 58. Similarly, when I got Meloetta yesterday, I've been trying to get it to Level 100 and it's now at Level 64. They both have Pokerus and are holding Exp Shares and they are slowly growing up. Meloetta's moveset now is:

  • Relic Song
  • Hyper Voice
  • U - Turn
  • Psychic

This is what I'd say a plausible set until it learns Perish Song. Empoleon meanwhile knows:

  • Brine
  • Pluck
  • BubbleBeam
  • Drill Peck

I think it's an okay set, but I'd like it to become stronger and I'm considering teaching it Surf and Waterfall, since I want to avoid using Samurott for a while in favour for new water types. I'll keep you tuned on how Meloetta and Empoleon are doing as we go through next week.

Fanfiction Fest

I'm considering making my own Pokemon fanfiction soon and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it. If I did set about doing a fanfiction series, I think I'd set it in Unova or Sinnoh, since out of the regions I've played in, I like them the best. On another forum, I did do a Pokemon fanfiction series with a friend, but due to other commitments, we had to end it. I hope I can someday do some more fanfiction, but I am more specialised in Doctor Who fanfiction, so it may be hard doing a transition into Pokemon for a bit.

Final Thought

Again, this is a very short blog entry, but with me being pressed for time, it's hard to put in entry's most of the time. I'm sorry for the lack of quantity, but I'm starting to prepare for the big guns and roll out the opinions and controversies Pokemon has received over the years and I'll give my take on the events and what I thought could've happened alternately. Thanks again for reading and please leave comments on what you did or didn't like about the blog. Thanks and peace.

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