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Dreams and Hopes - Blog 4

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by , 9th December 2012 at 04:37 PM (461 Views)
Welcome! Sorry about the wait for this blog entry! I've been busy here and there, so I've not had time recently. But, now I'm here with a new blog entry. I'm going to be talking about my Pokemon strategy and plans to enter a tournament. But, first it's time for...

My Wanted Pokemon!

I got a Celebi in a temporary trade the other week, but I didn't keep it. This time though, I would like to talk about Ekans and Arbok. In my National Dex, Ekans is the first Pokemon not to be registered and it's starting to bug me. Thus, I would like an Arbok to breed or an Ekans. But, I'm not done yet. Arbok looks like a cool Pokemon. It's a Poison type and has good abilities. Also, I don't think I've ever used an Arbok in my party, so I think I could potentially train it up to be a good Pokemon and addition to in my party. Arbok is also the only Pokemon with a possible stat total of 438 and is one of the only Poison type Pokemon in the Dragon Egg Group. That's why my most wanted Pokemon today is:


Dreams and Hopes

As the title of this blog is Dreams and Hopes, I thought I would tell you my dreams and hopes for me and my Pokemon on Black 2. I think in the overview of this blog, I mentioned I'd do this, so I will start doing it and updating it as I go.

Firstly, I'd like to get Empoleon and Meloetta to Level 100, if I did this, I'd be really happy and would love to include them both as permanent additions to my team. As I mentioned in my last entry, both of the Pokemon I received in a trade, but Empoleon was a Piplup back then. Both of them now have full happiness and are devolving nicely.

Next, I'd like to Capture all the Pokemon in the Unova Dex. If I did this, I'd have data on every Unova Pokemon minimum and this would add to my total of 395 Pokemon captured already. The first Pokemon I have not captured in the Unova Dex is Leavanny, so I'm going to have to do some training at some point.

I'd like to Capture every Legendary or have them in my Dex. I'm already a step of the way there and now that I have Arceus and Meloetta, I'm so happy that I decided to trade with the wonderful people on Bulbagarden Forums.

Beat Red and Blue in PWT. In Soul Silver, I beat Red at Mt. Silver. It was such a good feeling and I'd love to experience it in Generation V. Red and Blue were the characters that started Pokemon, so it'd be wonderful to face them in a battle with our favourite Pocket Monsters. All I need to do first is to beat the other championships to eventually square off against Red.

I'd like to build the ultimate Pokemon team. A team that can beat all the rest. My Pokemon and I can beat others if we put our mind to it. This brings me to...

The Pokemon Complex

Time and time again, we win and lose Pokemon battles. But, what is the purpose of battling? To get stronger, yes, to become better, yes. But, we develop a weird, but heartwarming bond with our Pokemon throughout the games. We enjoy battling and trading and interacting as Pokemon trainers, but at a Championship Level, it gets competitive! For those of you who have a Pokemon Global Link account, you will have noticed the competition going on. I'm considering entering it. This will be a huge milestone for me, since I've never entered an official tournament before. However, to be successful, I need a strategy.

Right. I'm no expert, but even I know that Pokemon battles rely on the power of your Pokemon and their moves. Type matchups are important, however you don't know what to expect in Online Battles. Of course sadly event Pokemon can't be included in Online Battles, so that rules out my Genesect, Arceus, Meloetta, ect. I'm going to have to use normal Pokemon, which is absolutely fine. I just need a matchup that suits me. I'm confident that I'm going to be using my Emboar in my team, since it's special to me. But, the question is: What other Pokemon will I use?

I have a Torterra at Level 100, but recently, it's sort of let me down. In the PWT, I was using it in the Kanto Leaders tournament and it was the only thing that could possibly win me the match (since my other Pokemon had fainted). Lt. Surge had one Pokemon left with red health and my attack did no damage to his Pokemon at all. I lost. Now, I'm not trying to force the blame on Torterra, as it's my fault too. I am the trainer after all. I have now taught Torterra Earthquake and it's doing better, but I'm going to need more than Fire and Grass to take on other trainers.

I have recently only been using Pokemon native to Unova. I feel that this needs to change. If I experiment with Pokemon that I haven't used before, I may achieve some awesome results. Kanto is second place in my favourite region. Sinnoh and Unova are joint 1st place. However, I've began to appreciate Kanto Pokemon much much more. So I think it's time I gave some more love to them and include them in my party.
There are a ton of Pokemon I would love to use, but the problem is that the registration dates for the contest are closing in and I doubt I could train the Pokemon I want and give them a good moveset in time. I'd love to use Charizard, Blastoise and Gengar mostly, but I need to train them. Maybe bt future contests they will be trained up well and suitable for the battles.

Conclusion and the Verdict?

I will enter the competition with Emboar at least. But as for the remaining Pokemon, I reckon I will include Zoroark and Torterra. But if I can, I will use Blastoise in combat, but not Charizard. Contrary to what I said in the last paragraph, Charizard is a Fire type Pokemon and Emboar is already a fire type. I don't need an extra fire type when that Party Space can be used for something more worthwhile. I will need a balance of types, so I will try to have a Pokemon that accommodates two types that I'm missing. Like a Magnezone or something similar to that. I'll keep you posted on how the Championship is going in due time.

Anime is Awesome!

Recently with my Pokemon Club Trainer Account (the one that is used on Pokemon Global Link), I've been watching some old anime episodes, which have really brought back memories. I've not watched a proper full episode before the Diamond and Pearl series, which was when I first got into Pokemon. Ash's voice is weird but awesome at the same time. Brock came across as mean at first but then I grew to like him again.
I can't wait to watch more! Though I didn't like her at first, Misty is growing on me too!

Poke Talk!
Some trivia for you, Poke Talk was originally going to be the name of the blog. But now it's going to be the name of this segment! This'll be where I talk about anything to do with Pokemon. It'll be like a Pot Luck segment where I talk about anything! Could be the games, the cards, the anime, what ever! However, this is a blog, not a weird unofficial stalker show. So it'll be something I've been looking at recently. This one will be in two parts, so I can just brainstorm a few more points for my argument. Anyway, enough of me blagging on, today I'm talking about:

A Pokemon MMO? - Part 1

I'm sure if each Pokemon fan had to make a wishlist, this would be near the top of their list. Though many unofficial attempts have been done, no official online Pokemon RPG has been created by the Pokemon Company (Nintendo). I was scrolling across YouTube one day and I saw several adverts for Pokemon MMO and things like that. All unofficial. I'm not saying that their attempts are total rubbish, but it would be nice for an official Pokemon MMO, which could link to the handheld games. A Pokemon MMO could offer so much that a handheld Pokemon game couldn't offer us. You could travel with trainers on your journey, using your Pokemon to overcome trials and problems you may face. You and your partners Pokemon could battle other NPC trainers and real Pokemon trainers together without having to sit next to each other in a cramped, dark room only lit by your dragons fiery breath. (You all have dragons right?). Thought this could be perfected in the games, a Pokemon MMO would have to allow character customization. I'm sure every Pokemon trainer has longed to throw away the hat and get an awesome bow tie and a stetson. (No?) I mean, why do other NPC's get to customize whilst your stuck in your Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova get up.

An awesome option that I and loads of others have thought of is the option to explore EVERY region freely. To make it more challenging, the developers could have it so you have to have so many Pokemon or a certain level Pokemon, ect. Basically a special requirement to enter the other regions. This could yield a ton of possibilities, enabling loads if not all of the Pokemon to be caught.

Pokemon has been going now for 5 Generations and there are fans desperate for change, some fans are desperate for the format to evolve slowly and some don't want it to change at all. But what will a Pokemon Online RPG or MMO do for all of those fans?


Final Thought

As you may have noticed, this blog entry is slightly longer than the norm. I've finally managed to push an entry out, but I hope I'll be able to keep this up. Various things have been taking up my time with the blog. But, I feel it's important to get all those things out of the way so I can focus on these. Next time I'll be continuing my Pokemon MMO talk and discussing the usual things. I hope I can satisfy you all reading. I hope to see you all then! Peace!

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