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Let's talk about shiny Pokémon.

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At first I'd like to say that I think they're extremely overrated. Everyone wants them, everyone have them. Everyone in Tumblr are showing their shiny Pokémon from Pokémon X and Y nowadays. What's so special about them? They're just like ordinary Pokémon, just in different color.

Of course I got it back in generation three. I still remember when I found my first shiny, a Golbat, in my LeafGreen and my friend was so jealous to me. He always wanted a shiny, and he even lied to me that he saw a Pikachu with green cheeks in his Sapphire (which I later proved wrong when I saw real shiny Pikachu on internet). He still got a Pokérus, but while it's rarer than shiny, he never cared about it.

But yeah, in generation three shiny Pokémon were really something rare and cool. Not all had them. But when the series moved to fourth generation, the GTS and Pokéradar came - and suddenly pretty much everyone had shiny Pokémon. I have to admit that my only myself caught shiny in Pearl is got by Pokéradaring (shiny Staravia, got with two chains).

Many of those shinies out there are got by using some kind of special method: using Pokéradar, Masuda method, etc... And now Pokémon X and Y have increased the possibility to find shiny. I thought it was bullshit at first after playing over 90 hours in both X and Y. But what happened soon after I reached 100 hours in my X...

In the end of last month, I was playing my X and looking for a Cryogonal in Frost Cavern. After finding countless of Jynx, Beartic, Haunter and other Pokémon there, I came across with this:

A frikkin' shiny Jynx. Since I still appreciate wild, natural shinies, I of course caught that thing and boxed it.

Two days later I was looking for bug types with decent stats in Santalune Forest...and no kidding, the third encounter I had there was this:

A shiny Weedle. I was just "huh, okay" and caught it with Quick Ball.

So I encountered two shiny Pokémon in two days. No Pokéradar, just by walking randomly around. Naturally.

So yeah, I think they have made getting shiny Pokémon way too easy, and thus I don't really appreciate them anymore. They're just normal Pokémon with different color, after all. And extremely overrated.

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  1. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    I'm kind of glad that they're just recolors. If they had superior stats or anything it would be so much worse. As it stands now, it's really just for bragging rights, which I'm okay with. Oh course, some shiny Pokemon look pretty darn cool too, like Aggron.
  2. Ravioko's Avatar
    Yeah, shiny Pokemon have certainly lost some of their charm now that they're so easy to find. Although I disagree that the PokeRadar and Masuda Method made them less rare, since those still both require a lot of luck and some work, it was really interesting back when it was the most random thing in the world.
    Although sometimes, someone may be like myself, where I don't like a shiny Pokemon simply because it's shiny. For example, I have a Misdreavus on my Black 2 (not evolving it until I get it on X) that I bred with the Masuda Method that I plan to use on my team. I hatched plenty of Misdreavus that were EXACTLY what I wanted, but I genuinely like the sickly gold/green more then the dark purple color scheme.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    To be honest they are not that easy to find in my experience still. I went through and beat the game over the course of a month and didnt run into a single shiny but I wanted one badly and almost went crazy over this. Then I got to Friend Safari and started searching and it still took a while but I finally got a shiny Noibat and a few days later a shiny Klefki. Its still really not that easy.
  5. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    I don't care in most cases, but the ones that look cooler than their normal counterparts are nice to have (for example, I like Shiny Rapidash and Shiny Umbreon better than their normals).

    So yeah, they're just pallet swaps. But if you like the shiny pallet then it's cool to have.
  6. FireBlader15's Avatar
    Some of us haven't found our first shiny's yet(by us I mean me)even we try all the time but never find any but it's just bad luck
  7. Kagerou's Avatar
    I love shiny Pokemon. >: They're especially great when they have damn good IVs and natures.
  8. FireBlader15's Avatar
    And yes I still haven't found/hatch a shiny Pokèmon yet even with the lower rate


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