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  1. Guess Who's Back?

    Aloha. I went on a short hiatus as a bunch of schoolwork came my way, but I'm back and ready to RP again! I'm surprised to see that the forum has become a lot less active lately... ah well.
  2. My January 8th Worldwide Announcement Predictions

    So, apparently there's a big, worldwide announcement today...

    My Poké-body is ready.
    I really hope they announce a remake. I don't see a new generation coming anytime soon, due to the fact that the Black and White series of the anime is barely nearing its end. I'm pretty jazzed right now, actually.

    Maybe they'll finally release the MMO we've all been waiting for for many years.
    Who knows? It really could be anything. :P
  3. Happy New Year!

    This is a little late, but who cares. :P

    I ended the year off with with full velocity~
    I have a lot of plans, both physical and mental, for 2013. I'm going to start working out again for sports and really buckle down and focus on school. I hope to get accepted into the private school I applied to for my sophomore year. I'm also striving to improve my writing skills, especially roleplaying.
    I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!
    Happy new year!