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Just A Little Quiz About Me

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As a pre-test for my "fame", I am going to post ten questions that revolve around me. I'm going to give clues 'cause yeah.

1. As a tribute for Thanksgiving, what was my user title?
Clue: check my profile *coughthebackgroundcough*

2. What was my first username? Seems easy.

3. My first signature picture featured what Pokemon?
Clue: Z, z and z

4. Who was the first Filipino I met in the forums?
Clue: Technically, he is my friend.

5. Who is my favorite Pokemon?
Clue: Too obvious.

6. Before the major clean-up of social groups, how many social groups did I joined?
Clue: I missed the Pit Stop.

7. Who was the first person to follow a bandwagon made by me?
Clue: He/She has a clever User Name.

8. Who was the only person to answer my second riddle?
Clue: I daresay he/she is ghost-like.

9. Who helped me in making my Cryogonal pun (which was my user title)?
Clue: Check the box.

10. On what sub-forum do I attend actively these days?
Clue: I like it because it was conveniently placed beneath the Game Corner.

Yes, I know. I'm too bored, that's why I made this.
I know that the clues were obscure, but trust them.
I believe this was a previous bandwagon, I think.

Put the answers in the comments.

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