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  1. Maple Gardens and Dauntless Fried Chicken

    by , 2nd April 2014 at 10:15 PM (Marvelous Blog!)
    I like the Maple Gardens skin.

    I'm not even Canadian.

    I like the shade of red.

    Which is weird, people say it is irritating.

    They should try BananaGardens.

    Dauntless Fried Chicken?

    There is this restaurant with a menu which included "Fearless Fried Chicken".

    Being a Divergent Fan, *bam* Dauntless Fried Chicken.

    Also, I watched Divergent the movie.

    It seems ...
  2. I am Now Asking A Favor (Facebook Users Wanted)

    by , 14th December 2013 at 07:06 AM (Marvelous Blog!)

    As said above, you need a Facebook profile to do me a favor xD


    Could you please like this one picture (link provided below)? Please?

    Just a like.

    Or even share it to your FB friends, why not? xD


    It's for a friend. Actually, he's my classmate.

    Just doing a favor LOLOL.

    And I think I should not say his name. It is for you to find out.
  3. 3 Pokemon Toys Avalable in Jollibee!

    by , 3rd November 2013 at 12:16 AM (Marvelous Blog!)
    Um, okay. Probably a large population of you all don't know about Jollibee. It is a fastfood restaurant, similar to McDonald's. Which IS McDonald's archenemy in the Philippines. The mascot is a large, red-and-white bee.

    They are now featuring 3 Pokemon Toys now. Which are Pikachu, Tepig and Oshawott (which is soooo late).

    Pikachu does an Electro Ball attack.

    Oshawott does Water Gun.

    Tepig? A fire ball thingy.

    To acquire, ...
  4. Gonna make an XY team. (even if I won't get one)

    by , 26th October 2013 at 02:50 AM (Marvelous Blog!)
    So, I'm gonna make an XY team to my preferences. No Competitive flavor or something.

    Usually, this is the layout of my team:

    Surfer (but if Starter can Surf, replace slot with wildcard)
    Wildcard (this means anything I just like)
    Another Wildcard

    Note: If the game gives you a free Pokemon (viable in battles), it takes one wildcard slot.

    So this is the team I'm imagining:
  5. Shameless Advertising Time xD

    by , 21st August 2013 at 01:25 AM (Marvelous Blog!)
    I believe we can do some advertisements, right? xDD

    I'm doing this for a friend, which is on BMG and on this other forum.

    Yup, it's another forum. xD

    This forum is Petalburg Woods Network, a small Pokemon website, much like BMG.

    What are the perks here?

    They do "Trial Boards", which are forum sub-boards which they usually do monthly. If this board gets enough attention, the board stays. If not, well they're archived. ...

    Updated 21st August 2013 at 07:32 AM by Voltaire Magneton

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