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XY029: Team Rocket, the master of disguise.

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Oh, they were so great in this episode. The episode is one of the best episodes that TR has had in years. Which is very great, at least for people like me, you like the funnier version of Team Rocket.

At the start, they are trying to get Pikachu, and a machine of Clemont reflected their attacks and caused them to blast off.

Team Rocket decided to have a plan: Tricking themselves as Ash, Serena and Bonnie and trick Clemont later.

After, Team Rocket run havoc in the city stealing everything that they counter and called themselves Ash, Bonnie and Serena and their hometown, causing Jenny to capture the real members of the cast.

After that, clemont was to explain what happened and voila.. Team Rocket reappears and disguised as scientifics try to use Clemont's inventions to capture Pikachu.

We see Clemont doing his invention and the scientifics revising them.

When the machine is done, the scientific close the door, because the plans are going to start.

And then, they steal things disaguised as Ash, Serena and Eureka.

And then, Ash and coi gfound them disguised and they try tp create they are the real ones, to the disguises of the rela ones And they reveal themselves as TR. You have got the invention. Clemont is surprised and has been sad that his inventions is working for bad things.

They caight Pikachu thanks to the inventions and then the Elezard mecha explodes like the rest of Clemont invention. And they blast off, but they're happy now, because Pikachu is with her

But they finally found Team Rocket, and thanks to a machine they defeated them. They blasted off and now they're angry.

And the episode ends.

Great episode, one of the best episode of team Rocket. But not only that, it was a great episode of Clemont. One of the highlights is that Clemont was said that he let go Team Rocket create a machine to catch Pikachu. Tis scene was so emotional and mature...

I will later review the other episode... where korrina debuts (and I like what we're seeing).

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  1. Kimono Dragon's Avatar
    Don't forget the new opening, where it's revealed Ash will most likely catch a


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