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The writers like returning DP characters.

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by , 14th July 2013 at 11:18 AM (1556 Views)
Since June 2012, some characters who pertain from the older character has attempted top returned. Not only that, but characters of Kanto also returned in Best Wishes. I suspect that XY will be infected of past characters.

The writers are already returning past characters from DP back:

Some of them already returned:

One for a side show in Japan

Another returned to the attitude before BW drastic change

In Best Wishes we have had a trolling cameo:
(What 90% of fans really care; they are exceptions like @Druddigon who I am not referring)

And DP characters that have a role similar in Best Wishes 2 than Diamond and Pearl:
One, at the start of Season 2 at the same time as the trolling cameo:

Another one in Episode N

And given a VA List of the new movie, this pokemon is returning (99%) as soon as they return to Kanto

And some of them not only returned from DIamond and Pearl. Other earlier saga has their return.

What do you expect returning for the XY anime:

We could start from aminor thing, like relearning attacks:

The cameo pretended that childrne think that Dawn was returning to the main cast for if the writers were to return later. Will they do it in XY?

Of course his Piplup will return

Because they want to:

To promote the possible (by the pentagon) return of Contests in the anime.

(I'm aware that it woin't be exactly Marian).

If they can't bring back Dawn, they could try with Brock

And his partner from DP Croagunk who appears in "I love Gothic"

And in RS are a priority, they could this (But warning that she is from 2008 (2006) and she has toi change VA likeall of Virgil's team except Eevee and Umbreon)

Either way, the anime is going to be very interesting.

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  1. Silktree's Avatar
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    And given a VA List of the new movie, this pokemon is returning (99%) as soon as they return to Kanto
    I'm sure that people would have mentioned Wobbuffet appearing in the main movie as opposed to just the short, so the list is probably just slightly inaccurate. Why would Wobbuffet be added to the Best Wishes cast list even if it were brought back for XY? There will only be two Kanto episodes at best.
  2. karczx's Avatar
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    Based on what children might perceive Dawn's cameo in BW, it isn't surprising that they might have her back as a returning main character. BW itself was intended to be a reboot like series, even though I do have problems with it, it's still an okay series on its own. They also used Dawn to introduce the new generation audience to Pokemon Contests and Coordinators, and obviously Piplup as well. If anyone is likely to return as part of the main cast, then it might as well be Dawn and her Piplup. Since Ash is the first to be revealed for a Pokemon series for at least 10 years, then it might show a change in promotions for the anime, a big hunch is that they might bring someone back, in stark contrast to their 'routine'.

    DA! is intended to cover the episodes shown in the promotion poster, so there would be at least 13 or 14 main episodes, where there are currently 15 aired, several of which are 11 of the highlighted episodes.

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    3 Cilan Detective Episode 1
    4 Oshawott and the Hotachi King 2
    5 Zoroark and the Fog 3
    6 Rotom and Professor Oak 4
    7 The Pirate Kings 5
    8 Butterfree 6
    9 Ash vs Iris 7
    10 Jirachi 8
    11 Beheeyem 9
    13 Treasure and the three Eevee shown to evolve into Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon 10
    14 Clair, Druddigon and Iris 11 - August
    15 - August

    So there would be at least three more highlighted episodes to cover.
    12 Emolga and Team Rocket - August? September?
    13? Another Oshawott episode? - August? September?
    13/14? Farewell Episode - October? September?

    It remains to be seen what'll happen next, as they want to surprise their fans at this rate.
  3. Nymphia's Avatar
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    The Oshawott screenshots is from the same Oshawott episodes.
  4. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
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    All I gotta say is...please don't bring back Brock. Please. Of all the DP characters, why him? Isn't it bad enough we had to listen to his completely inappropriate burly old man voice in the English dub for 4 years (really, I can't believe just how [I]bad[/I] his English voice is now-- Eric Stuart may have slipped into his Kaiba voice sometimes, but at least he sounded like a [I]teenager[/I], and could [I]act well[/I]), and see him get shafted and sidelined due to inept writing by the writers like he was in DP? At least let Brock go out with a shred of decency: something Team Rocket no longer has anyway. Amazing how he is the only OS character I don't want to see return, because of how truly awful the writers and dubbers have treated the poor guy over the last several years. If there's ANYONE who's been treated like crap over the last few years, it's Brock: how sad. I love him too much to let them treat him or anyone else like that again: [I]nobody[/I] deserves what happened to Brock...nobody.
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