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Why the Genesect movie and the anime will berelated [Unconfirmed]

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by , 4th January 2013 at 04:17 PM (2827 Views)
How many of us know, and if you didn't know I explain, there's an announcement on January 8th where GameFreak will reveal the latest plans about pokemon. This afternoon, we know that the announcement will be international. Apparently it's going to be Gen VI games but remember that this isn't confirmed in any way.

We expect that the movie will feature the new game that Gamefreak will announced next Tuesday. And we expect that there's other stars apart from Genesect in the movie.

But, seeing the first two movie merchandise and the poster of Episode N and the anime emrchandise for January and beyond, I start to think that the movie will be a special movie in promotion. The question is... why I think so?

I think that the next movie will be tied into the anime. In particular, I think that the movie will be tied to the upcoming N plot that starts in 17th January. The reason behind it is that Genesect is going to make a brief appareance the next 24th January in the series. We know that Genesect (the normal one) will be appearing in the movie because of the recent trailer.

But if the recent trailer wasn't enough, we have found merchandise for April that are related to the next movie. I have information from two sets that contain the following: (the movie merchandise is easily to differenciate from anime's merchandise because Red Genesect doesn't have merch in the anime).
-Pikachu (In the two sets).
-Charizard (In the two sets)
-Dragonite (In one of the sets)
-Genesect (in the two sets)
-Red Genesect (in the two sets)
-And a unknown pokemon (in the set with Dragonite) and two unknown pokemon (I the other set).

That means that these pokemon will have a big appareance in the Genesect movie. The problem is that the same pokemon appear in the poster of Episode N, meaning that we have a big role in the anime. What does mean to the movie?

Normally, a movie, although it's almost confirmed that the movies are canon to the show and I don't think that shouldn't be otherwise, has a independent setting than the anime. That doesn't mean that although the movie will have the main cast and the pokemon that will appear in the anime around movie release, the set of the mvoie has nothing to do wiith the thing that Ash is doing and to the plot to the anime, making the movie and the anime almost unrelated.

I think that this movie will be very different in that regard. i think that this movie will have a prequel in the anime where Team Plasma will control Genesect and where the gang goes to the place of the movie to save the city from Genesect attacks (or something of that style). The plot of the anime will go through the plot of the movie. If we want to see what happens to the Genesect story, we have to go to watch the movie because the anime won't said that information.

The pokemon that appear in the merchandise of the movie in the anime will be shared between the two because the movie will follow the anime story in this movie. The only main pokemon that today we know that it's safe to say that will be exclusive to the movie is Red Genesect. The other "known" stars of the movie will have a big role in the anime.

In the movie, we'll see three types of characters.
-The main cast that appears in all movies: In this ovie, Ash, Iris and Cilan.
-The characters that will be relevant to the anime story around movie release. Mainly Team plasma, N, Colress, Ghetsis and possibly people like Juniper, Bianca, Burgh, etc.
-And the movie-related character (villain?) that will control Red Genesect.

To end my suspecting of the relationship between the movie and the anime will end with the movie's location. I think that the anime will go explicity to the place where the movie plot will take place, something that hasn't done before int he history of the anime. I think (and I believe that this is confirmed) that the movie will take a New York setting. If that's true, the anime won't made a city based on New York. If my speculation is true, the movie setting will be Castelia City, the city that in the Pokemon universe reprsents New York. Remember that Castelia is based in New York (all of Unova is, but specially Castelia).

I don't know what it's happening to the movie. But with the first merchandise, the similarity with the pokemon on N's poster and the setting of the movie, that the movie will have a ig relation to the plot of the anime in that moment. Last year, the movie and the anime will looked underrated because Dawn, Cynthia dn Meloetta aren't in it. I think that this year will be the opposite of this.

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