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Review (Raw): XYSP1: Mega Evolution special Act I.

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I like everything about this episode expect two things:
-It's taking the anime slot.
-And Alan defeating a Mega Garchomp. This si for a bias reason I didn't like showcashing MegaGarchomp is anything that's not named Cynthia/Shirona.

Outside that:
-Ayaka. The character that is going to appear in the pokemon movie. First and all, she has an explanation of why is based on the NPC female sprite of Ace trainers. In Japanese, Ace trainers are named "Idol trianers" and you add that I think her VA is an idol, it explains the case.

Either way, the battle has been one of the best of XY so far. I like that the Pokemon made to Megaevolve hold the Megastone somewhere in the body, I like that they didn'0t even decide to actyually megaevolve until battle, and the battle was really great.

After that, there's discussion about the backstory of Alan and Charizard. We know how he got it and we got references of Ash because Manon saw Ash on TV.

After that, the Garchomp trainer, named Louie. Is voiced by Koichi Yamadera (in other words, the hoster of Oha Suta). This was clearly the weakest of the three battles that was shown in this episode but is still really good.

Seeing a few minute break to see Manon catching Flabebe was great.

And the final battle... finally we got to see a more serious battle between an Elite 4 member and Alan. I'm glad that CHarizard ended loses against Blastoise even thought Alan actually got a "great battle" and was able to win until the end. Seeing Charizard losing for once and not beign every wins,m specially against an Elite 4 member was a good way.

Lysandre is meant to hype to us for the next Act of this series of specials, arc that they will exist (an Act II was confirmed after the airing of Act I). et's see what happens.

About some issues that could brought up:
-Comparing Alan to Ash is not fine because for starters, Alan has the goal of being a MegaEvolution Master and two because Alan is an "older" trainer compared to Ash. I don'0t want to compare them because for now, it's no logical to do.

Why Charizard-X as the star? Because is the most (potentially) popular MegaEvo outside Lucario, who is reserved for Korrina. At least, Charizard is used the way the fandom wants to use: being a strong opponent and not sitting 27 episodes in the cast without battling it.

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