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The process of revealtion in Black and White.

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by , 31st March 2013 at 09:06 AM (1731 Views)
In Black White this list of pokemon were officially known before the games came out. I put in this list information that was confirmed when the information should be really confirmed. (I count CoroCoro's leak by release of the leak ut not leaks like the anime sketches and Melkor's list). I put Pokemon with Types, Attacks and Abilities:
-10th Febraury: Zorua and Zoroark. Both Dark types.
-9th April: Black and White revelation.
-12th May:
Pokemon: Snivy (Grass), Tepig (Fire), Oshawott (Water). Standard abilities.
Ability: Illusion (Zoroark),
Attacks: Foul Play and Hone Claws.
Name of the region: Unova (then Isshu)
-28th May:
Pokemon: Reshiram and Zekrom (without types). International reveal.
June 11: Pokemon//Type//Ability//Attacks known by those pokemon.
Minccino//Normal//Cute Charm/Technician//Tail Slap.
Pidove//normal/Flying//Super Luck/Bug Pecks//.
Darmanitan//Fire//Sheer Force.
Blitzle//Electric//LightningRod/Motor Drive//Wild Charge.
Professor Juniper.
Zekrom was revealed to be Dragon/Electric and had the ability Teravolt.
Reshiram was revealed to be Dragon/Fire and had the ability Turboblaze.
Zoroark knows Night Daze.
26th June:
Image of N.
27th June:
Pokemon: Haxorus, Excadrill, Cofragrigus, Galvantula, Drillbur and the pokemon latter be known as Gigalith, Reuniclus and Gothitelle.
The Attack Leaf Tornado and the presence of Triple Battle.
9th July:
Pokemon: Axew and the nbames of Gothitellea and Reuniclus.
10th July:
Image of Victini.
11th-13th July:
Axew//Dragon//Rivalry/Mold Breaker//Dual Chop.
Woobat//Psychic/Flying//Unaware/klutz//Heart Stamp.
Patrat//Normal//Run Away/Keen Eye//After You.
Gothitelle//Psychic//Frisk//Magic Room
Reuniclus//Psychic//Dustproof/Magic Guard//.
Braviary//Normal/Flying//Sheer Force/Keen Eye//Sky Drop.
Other abilities. Telepathy.
Characters: Cheren, Bianca, N. Confirmation of starting in Route 1.
18th July:
Attack: Flame Charge.
22th July:
Confirmed the name of Gigalith and reveal of Alomomola.
24th July:
Victini, method of obtaining and Victini is #000 in the Unova Pokedex.
30th July:
Pokemon: Watchog, Deerling.
Attacks: Soak, Grass pledge, Fire Pledge.
Other things. Team plasma, Pokemon Musicals.
7th August:
Gigalith (known)//Rock//Sturdy.
Deerling//Normal/Grass// and knowing his season forme changes.
Gym Leader Aloe.
New pokemon without image: Basculin.
8th August:
Deerling's abilities: Chlorophyll and Sap Sipper.
Alomomola was confirmed to be Water type and have the ability Healer or Hydration.
Swanna//Water/Fly9ing//Keen Eye/Big Pecks//
Sewaddle//Bug/Grass//Swarm/Chlorophyll//Struggle Bug.
Drillbur was confirmed to be Ground, have the Sand Rush and Sand Force abilities.
New Attack: Hurricane.
Other information:
Gym Leader Cilan, Place of starting, Rotation Battles, Wonder Launcher and Battle Subway.
Revelation of Audino.
9th August:
Dram World and knwoing about hidden abilities. First of all, Vaporeon has Hydration.
Hurricane is confirmed to be one of Swanna's moves.
Change in the ability Sturdy.
Global and Entralink function.
Knowing that we have 8 Gym Battle.
Change in TMs. Now TM don't consume after one use (liek HM but without the deletion restriction).
22th August:
Pansage revelation. It's a Grass type, has Gluttony and one ofg the attacks is Acrobatics, confirming that this attacks hits any target in Triple Battle (We know alter that thius characteristic is a characteristic of all Flying Attacks).
30th August:
Combinatiuon Attacks and knowing the existence of Water Pledge.
1th September:
Knwoing the attack Heat Crash.
3th September: Revelation of Pansear and Panpour. Introduction of elemental monkeys.
11th September:
Pansear//Fire//Flame Burst.
Sawsbuck//Normal/Grass//Chrolophyll/Sap Sipper//.
Petilil//Grass//Chlorophyll/Own Tempo//
Foongus//Grass/Poison//Effect Spore//Clear Smog.
Roggenrola//Rock//Sturdy//Smack Down.
Bouffalant//Normal//Sap Sipper/Reckless//Head Charge.
Lillipup//Normal//Pick up*/Cheer Up *Second abilirty not revealed.
Excadrill (known)//Ground/Steel//Sand Rush/SanD power.
Audino (known)//normal//Healer/regeneration//Heal Pulse.
Basculin (known)//Water//Reckless/Adaptability//. Two forms.
Haxorus (known)//Dragon//Rivalry/Mold Breaker//Dragon Tail.
Cofagrigus (known)//Ghost//MUmmy//
Galvantula (Known)//Bug/Electric//CompoundEyes/Tension//
Zekrom has Fusion Bolt and Reshiram has Fusion Flare.
Emolga has Electro Ball.
Other information:
Striation Gym Leaders: Cilan (known), Chili and Cress.
Team plasma Leader: Ghetsis.

Later I will made DP release.

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  1. Nymphia's Avatar
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    If you really know the pokemon that were revealed, it was:
    CoroCoro Febraury*: Zorua. Zoroark.
    CoroCoro May: Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy.
    International release: Reshiram, Zekrom.
    CoroCoro June: Minccino, Klink, Blitzle, Munna, Darmanitan, Sandile, Pidove.
    Oha Suta June: Haxorus, Drillbur, Excadrill, Gigalith, Gothitelle, Copfragrigus, Reuniclus, Galvantula.
    July: Axew, Victini, Woobat, Patrat, Braviary, Alomomola, Watchog, Deerling.
    August: Emolga, asculin, Swanna, Sewaddle, Audino, Pansage.
    September: Pansear, Panpour, Servine, Pignite, Dewott, Sawsbuck, Roggenrola, Cottonee, Petilil, Bouffalent, Purrloin, Lillipup.

    *Months of release.

    Was a total of 48 pokemon revealed of a pokedex of 156.
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    Might I recommend breaking up your post a bit next time? A giant block makes it hard to read.


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