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Pocket Monsters XY R Version series. An anime for teens.

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Remember that this idea if that is made true, causes that we have technically (and you know why) two animes based on pokemon. We need a TV Tokyo timeslot (off-course, forget taking timeslot for popular series) and OLM could need to not do an anime series.

As we know, the Pokemon anime is aimed at children from 6 to 14 years. The games target audience includes part of the audience but they have more older audience than the anime. For that target audience the Pokemon show will be made very childish.

The idea could came aout the possibility that Pokemon XY would feature different Gym badges to compete the League. Ash can't get those badges.

My idea is that OLM produce two shows that are named Pokemon that shares the same canonity between them. Those shows would be:
Pocket Monsters XY: The Ash show, with his companions, etc. Aimed for kids like now.
Pocket Monsters XY R: A version of the show by a different main character. Aimed for teenagers.

That R version of the pokemon anime would be a version that consist of a mature main character (read: a teen, or directly a young adult).

The adventures of the R anime would be about a girl that want to take the Pokemon League (the same than League than Ash will do in the main anime). The history will be like the main anime but we could see things that in the main anime we won't see because they're too mature for them like reference to romance issues, scenes in the WC, shipping making canon, money issues, etc. things that we won't see in the main anime because it's aimed to kids of a lower age.

The anime will have 25 episodes as a year (as opposed to 48 for the main anime) and will last until the two main anime goes to the same League.*

In some parts of the R anime, the Ash's anime plot and the girl's anime plot will merge into asingle plot that would be aired in the main anime timeslot. For example, the introduction, the climax of villain plots, some tournaments, some Gym Leader battle and the Pokemon League (here in the girl's anime we could see the batles that the girl does) will be a part of the plot of the two anime at the same time.

The girl's personality won't be like an teen girl version of Ash. SHe will have a very defined personality that differs from Ash in the current anime. The girl's nteam will have pokemon that the main cast of the main anime won't have them or any of the families. (Ex: If that were BW, the girl won't have Samurott if Ash would have Oshawott).

Team Rocket would appear more tied to the main anime. However, they could appear in the R anime to prepare the upcoming plot in the main one.

I think that about the advantages that the system would have:
-There's an anime for teens and young adults more aimed to his target audience than the main anime currently is.
-We could see the two quests based on the difference of the games: Ash could have the plot of Pokemon X and the girl could have the plot of Pokemon Y.
-To have other character of different age and gender doing Gym. Mainly, for equality reasons, something that the anime have some issues.
-The R anime could not be affected to much by kids marketing than the main one. However, that anime will follow anime rules and could be marketable pokemon in it. Remember that the anime could have one of the XY starters and other marketable species in it.

That anime would be a mature version of the anime than we have but I don't think that deserves a rating that implies that 10-years old shouldn't watch the R show. A rating that still allows watching for all publics or a rating of restrictions for kids of six years and younger (remember that kids of 3-6 years are the main target of the Pikachu shorts).

*I put 48 and 25 because the anime has an average of 48 episodes in a year (like the dub seasons!!!) by I put 25 because the side anime won't air the release of the previous' year movie.

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  1. Lugion's Avatar
    I would watch this.
  2. PockyAddict's Avatar
    I would like better writing in the series too.


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