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  1. Serena and Pokemon performer.

    I know that you want that Serena is actually having a goal, but I have to said this, because Serena is not confirmed to be a Pokemon performer yet.

    Not only that, but Pokemon performer has serious problems of viability in the actual show. In reality, the only reason that I actually doubting this is that.

    First of all, we have this statement from Adamant, few hours after the episode where we knew about Pokemon Performers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant
    I really doubt Serena is going
  2. Ash vs Korrina Gym battle.

    One of the hot topics that recently has come around is the topic of about how Ash will defeat Korrina.

    The problem with Korrina's two Gym Battle are two things that are said in the show (they're not literal):
    -1) For become a Gym Leader of Shalour City you have to master one Mega Evolution. And yes, Korrina is not Gym Leader in the anime yet.
    -2) Ash has been expressed desire of defeating Mega Lucario.

    In theory, it's not problem. But there are one thing: ...
  3. XY029: Team Rocket, the master of disguise.

    Oh, they were so great in this episode. The episode is one of the best episodes that TR has had in years. Which is very great, at least for people like me, you like the funnier version of Team Rocket.

    At the start, they are trying to get Pikachu, and a machine of Clemont reflected their attacks and caused them to blast off.

    Team Rocket decided to have a plan: Tricking themselves as Ash, Serena and Bonnie and trick Clemont later.

    After, Team Rocket run ...
  4. OR/AS promotion and May/Haruka.Will she return? If not, alternatives.

    This November ORAS is coming and starting this September (November in the US and likely other countries) it's likely that ORAS will influence the anime. If not, it will influence it in November when the games are going to be released.

    I expect (that is very very likely) that Brendan and May will return for this games.

    And with this, it's very likely that Contests will return, specially given how the anime adores them.

    Which means that the chance that ...
  5. XY028: Diantha and Mega Gardevoir.

    Note: I won't allow comments for this blog because it's provisional. Mainly because I only watched in that program.

    About the episode about Diantha, it was really great.

    Ash showed competence (even though Pikachu was almost defeat) in the battle against the Champion, Diantha was great in this episode, the MegaEvolution was explained (more or less) well, Serena is actually decent in this episode, Clemont didn't do much but we got an invention and being a referee and ...

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