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The anime is getting bad TV rating in Japan.

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by , 16th November 2013 at 12:25 PM (2353 Views)
The anime is having one of the worst rating in the history.

The rating of the first 4 airings are 5.3, 5.1, 4.6 or lower, 4.3 or lower. And this is in the mearly part of the saga, where ratings matter the most.

We could do the calcs thiking that BW ratings

We are talking that while BW have a 7.76 of average in the first 5 episodes, XY has a average rating of 4.9 at best.

But with the Viola episode, it got a 4.3. Let's see other episodes with that rating or lower in Best Wishes. This means that this is with par of a high rated Da! episode, which is ridiculous. Early DP and early BW got a higher rating than later AG and later DP.

With is the responsible for this?
-In part, Best Wishes, with hyping things that led nowhere. Specially, the filler arc.
-But XY has a problem with his cast. Children are dissapointed of something that makes them not watching the anime in their first episode.

What will happen? We don't know, although I suppose that we have to wait 6 months since the premiere to see any consequences. But how knows.

And you can say, like Da!, right? No, there's a difference. Da! was never hyped and it's a saga to wait for XY (the purpose of Da! is that in countries where the special will air will have BW "finished" before the XY premier aired. This has happened in allt he countries that the XY special had aired.

XY is very hyped and it's the moment where the show needs to get more audience. If they didn't do it, the show is now getting bad ratings... for real. And the people are going to paid it are the XY cast, even if they aren't the responsibles or the mess directly.

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  1. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
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    I'm sure it will probably just continue business as usual. I don't see a need for concern at this point yet.
  2. Jabberwocky's Avatar
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    Pokemon is enough of a giant that ratings dipping probably won't harm it much. They'll probably go back up pretty soon.
  3. Garren's Avatar
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    It may be like Rider and Super Sentai, where even if the ratings have dipped, the shows still are worth their timeslots because of merchandise revenue.

    And I imagine Pokemon has enough merchandising revenue to keep on television. Plus XY is looking good so far, worrying about ratings seems kind of pointless for such a long-runner, it's enjoyable so I don't see why you're fretting.
  4. Please Understand's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Me, but on another blog about ratings
    Maybe the reason why the ratings are declining is that people have jobs and school.

    For example, let's say a Japanese citizen was 8 in 1997, when the anime first aired. In 2013, (s)he would be 24, maybe now with a job, and a possible wife/husband, and maybe even a child to take care of.

    As for the Japanese kids of today? Well, they've just found other things to do, watch other anime, play more games (Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest - two of the most popular RPG franchises in Japan), and more, including schoolwork.

    In other words, maybe the ratings are declining because everyone is more busy nowadays, or they have other things to do, and have more entertaining things to do.


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