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  1. XY023: The bond of the Aurora! Amarus and Amaruruga?

    by , Today at 06:49 AM
    Let's see what this episode has done to us.

    I will start with Serena. The good thing is that Serena battle after 14 episodes and we know the mysterious move of Fennekin. Except the battle was easily countered by Meowth, of all things. Apart of that, she is out of the plot 90% of the episode and her voice (when she talks) is again "bland" and "inconsistent".

    This is the only thing bad of this episode. Because the rest of the episode is great.
  2. Review (Raw): XYSP1: Mega Evolution special Act I.

    by , 11th April 2014 at 03:40 PM
    I like everything about this episode expect two things:
    -It's taking the anime slot.
    -And Alan defeating a Mega Garchomp. This si for a bias reason I didn't like showcashing MegaGarchomp is anything that's not named Cynthia/Shirona.

    Outside that:
    -Ayaka. The character that is going to appear in the pokemon movie. First and all, she has an explanation of why is based on the NPC female sprite of Ace trainers. In Japanese, Ace trainers are named "Idol trianers" ...
  3. Review (Raw) XY22: Fish Up the Golden Magikarp.

    by , 11th April 2014 at 03:12 PM
    Even though I didn0't expected much, this is the episode with maybe most saurprised to it, and mainly in a positive way.

    The episodes start at the beach... notice that in any part of the pokemon the main character decides to wear a swimsuit... meaning that we have to wait for another time to do it.

    Pipup in the screen When I saw that, I was very surprised. I think that Ash actually references having another Piplup but he doesn't say the name of her trainer for now. ...
  4. Serena; why are you boring?

    by , 10th February 2014 at 05:02 PM
    Personally, my opinion of Serena is this, right now:

    -Serena, as a character is the most dissapointed member of the cast specially in the upcoming 10 episodes they don't start giving real screentime and being really useful outside of Amour.

    Amour that is the only thing that is unique to her. Everything else,is something that we see before, and her personality remind too Dawn/Hikari in some way... with one exception, Hikari are superior in almost every way (even in ...

    Updated 13th April 2014 at 07:25 AM by Nymphia (Complaints about Serena.)

  5. Why there are two breaks on New Year and not one in the Pokemon anime?

    by , 3rd January 2014 at 04:13 PM
    Note before reading: This blog is only to explain the obvious thing that they dereased cost of the anime recently by various eways. I don't know what exatly happened. Some of the ways could not be 100% true.

    Question that I'm trying to answer now.

    In 2011, apparently the Pokemon Company 1) lose money, 2) gain money but not the desirated. I'm inclining for the latter option and I think that TPC is winning money in Japan in all dates except maybe the months prior to ...
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