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  1. Why the change?


    I don't understand the purpose of Serena cutting her hair now. I know it promotes customization but I don't like this change at all and I think it's a terrible idea to change her hair like that. I understand a small cut but not this cut.

    Even though I don't think she will automatically a tomboy, I think it's going to lose a lot of charm as the "most girlier girl to date" and ...
  2. Unpopular opinions about the XY series.

    I have some:

    -The chemistry of the main group is very bad. Apart of Citron and Eureka, none of the chemistry interactions has been interesting. In particular, Satoshi/Eureka and Serena/Citron are basically non-existant. And Satoshi/Serena interactions are bad, specially when we know that SatoSere is canon by Serena's side. (For reference, Satoshi/Serena should have the level of Satoshi/Kasumi or Satoshi/Hikari in term of chemistry, not lower than Satoshi/Iris).

    -Serena ...
  3. Pokemon Xy the Movie 2015.

    I wanted to have an opinion of the upcoming movie "Pokemon XY the movie 2015" that is going to air the next 18th of July of next year.

    My general sensation is that there's various rare things.

    The most important one is in the title. "Pokemon XY the movie 2015" is in no way a title of a Pokemon movie. It looks like a placeholder until the actual movie title arrives next February.

    Why? We don't know. Probably they haven't decided the ...
  4. TriPokalons and the Pokemon show.

    Serena has been confirmed to take the TriPokalons route in XY047.

    Some of us thought it was unviable because the subs of xY40 until recently that I know the subs were wrong in the exact phrase. Actually, (apparently) Serena has to win 3 times to become Master Class (and not 3x4+).

    Personally, I'm dissapointed with that goal and Serena in general.

    I will start with the goal.

    TriPokalons is an girls-only competition that consists in a first ...
  5. Prediction about the content in the poster.

    Few days ago, a cake and a script was released from a script that's far behind. The cake hid the spoilers and the other was too blurry to make conclusion. However, the not appearance of certain pokemon caused that many team changes will happen.

    First of all, I think that some of the team changes won't happen until May, and I think the team in the cake is the team for the next movie (July 2015) or very near to it.

    This is the list of predictions:

    Ash Ketchum: ...
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