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  1. Ok, personal opinion time...

    What would you say would be some of the difficult, yet rewarding, games
    you've ever played? They can be from any genre or console you want.

    For me? Well...Dark Souls is definitely on that list...somewhere..
  2. Nothing's happening...yet..

    Ok, it's December 20th over my way, and I still got another two hours before midnight
    and it officially becoming December 21st...but nothing's happening yet, maybe it was
    all just a hoax and a misunderstanding...but I'm not gonna get my hopes up too high just yet.

    What about you guys? Has anything happened over your way yet?
  3. Strange Stuff Happening?

    December 16th..less than five days to go before we find out who
    was right. Whether it was all a bluff like Y2K..or the real deal. Personally,
    I hope at least Something happens but doesn't end life as we know it.

    Anyways, on that matter, have any of you guys experienced anything
    strange or out of the ordinary lately? Like, see strange sights, strange
    people, hear strange things or have weird dreams?

    Anything, as long it was something you couldn't ...
  4. Battle Royale

    Ok, if you guys could get any two characters from any video game,comic book,
    anime, cartoon,movie or tv show to fight each other, who would you choose and why?
    And yes, you can even have famous people from real life fight each other.
  5. Not a typical first blog...

    But I need to get this down. Since today marks the first day of December, it means
    in less than three weeks we'll find out if all those doomsday theorists and "great change"
    predictors were actually right. Of course, things were suppose to end in 2000 and they
    didn't so..yeah,not sure about this one but..what about you guys? What's your opinion?
    Have you seen any signs or what not?