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I am the champion!

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Mark your calendar folks! because I just became champion of the Pokemon league! I also took them out all in one try. My party was: Gardevoir, Xerneas, Blaziken, Charizard, Greninja, and Lucario. I would like to give my MVP award to Gardevoir. She was a beast and always reliable (except when she was a Ralts and Kirlia lol). Also I caught Mewtwo with only half HP, an ultra ball, and paralysis (which I thought wouldn't work) so yeah that's the end of one chapter of my journey.

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    I notice that Psychics tend to be MVP for my ingame team :V
    I dunno, Game Freak really likes giving NPCs poison types. And, especially in X&Y, Fighting types.

    (of course, they are my favorite type so bias :P)
  2. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    @Gaga; Especially Gardevoir with me since they added the fairy type to her she just destroyed everything because not a single dragon could stand up to her (so Drasna was way too easy)


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